Upper Hand Promotes Michael Trilus to CTO

Michael Trilus Upper Hand

Michael Trilus named Chief Technology Officer at Upper Hand

Indianapolis-based Upper Hand has named Michael Trilus its new Chief Technology Officer. Trilus previously served as the sports and fitness software company’s Senior Payments Engineering Lead. We sat down with Trilus for a brief interview about his prior experiences and what he looks forward to bringing to the role. 
What three biggest initiatives do you plan to spearhead in this new role?
I plan to 1. Move Upper Hand Engineering from a start-up into a sustainable, growth-minded scale-up team, 2. Give the Upper Hand organization the tools and technology to deliver world-class products and services on a daily basis,  and 3. Increase Upper Hand’s visibility as a leader in the tech community through demonstrable engineering expertise and community outreach.
What is your professional bio?
Before joining the Upper Hand team in September 2019, I was the Director of Application Development at a consulting agency, and I was responsible for software architecture, leading projects, and building teams. I believe that this experience, coupled with my growing industry experience in the Sports and Fitness space, has set me up for success as I move into this new position.
What excites you about the Upper Hand team and mission?
Upper Hand’s commitment to providing a best-in-class user experience and advanced tech and data architecture are extremely important to me, and we have the right team to tackle any challenge set before us. The boundless number of possibilities provided by this combination is what keeps me motivated.
How do you plan to incorporate user feedback into your initiatives?
I plan on working closely with our other teams to drive innovation by aligning the business goals of our customers with measurable (sometimes out-of-sight) improvements to our technology implementations.
How will your leadership help Upper Hand to expand their services and reach new heights?
I want to ensure continued success of Product and Engineering through well-defined processes that build on the work of some of the most profitable companies in the software industry. I’m a big believer in standing on the shoulders of giants to help our team(s) move faster and make smarter decisions.
What do you love about Upper Hand?
I really love the energy that everyone delivers on a daily basis. This is an extremely talented team, and the culture at Upper Hand reflects the skill, energy, and commitment to excellence of each member of the organization.  
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