Why Mobile Apps are a Priority for Sports Businesses

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What started as a buzzy catchphrase in late 2009 has truly become a reality. No matter what you’re looking for, as Apple infamously said, there’s an app for that”. 

Over a decade later, that statement could not be more true. Throughout every industry, apps have become synonymous with creating modern user experiences–and the sports and fitness field is no different. 

From apps that help track your fitness levels and weekly mileage to those that allow you to share your sports highlight reels, the fitness industry is filled with ubiquitous applications to aid you in your goals. 

For sports and fitness businesses, mobile apps are becoming increasingly prioritized and popularized because of their ability to seamlessly connect members and clients with their brand. As Lifewire indicates in their article What is a Mobile Application, “apps are no longer a luxury, but rather a necessity”. These tools have become the primary ways that they connect with brands. 

ClubIntel’s 2019 International Fitness Industry Trend Study suggests that in 2019, 21% of global fitness operators had a mobile app for their business.

Here, we’ll answer why they’ve become a necessity for sports and fitness businesses, what you should look for in a mobile app experience, and how you can offer a mobile app for your clients and members to elevate their experience with your brand.

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Mobile Apps: A Digital Bridge to Your Physical Facility


Thomas Husson of Forrester Research refers to mobile apps as the newest digital bridge to the physical world, a tool that will transform entire businesses. For studios, gyms, and sports facilities, we stress the importance of utilizing apps as a bridge to your studio. In a powerful app experience, your clients and members should be able to refer to your app to answer any questions they may have, purchase memberships and sessions, sign up for classes or clinics, and more. 

And more than that, your mobile app should reflect the brand and personality of your physical studio. 

Especially now, as we continue to experience the repercussions of COVID-19, your mobile app will serve as a bridge between your clients and your studio, allowing them to connect with your business virtually.


Features Studios and Gyms Need in Mobile Apps 


Powerful mobile apps will allow consumers to learn about your business, allow them to purchase memberships, products, and sessions, allow members to access their accounts, provide members the opportunity to book events and classes and register for clinics or camps, and allow for mobile payments.

And although this may seem like an impossible list of needs for your app, by partnering with a business whose bread and butter is in elevating the sports and fitness client experience, you can easily incorporate a branded app into your business’ operations.

Upper Hand’s mobile app has everything you need to manage your business on the go. Our customers have the ability to update their schedules, transact, check-in clients, check reports, and more.

In addition, the client-facing side of our mobile app includes all of the functionality they’d find when logging in to the web app, making it simple to schedule lessons and classes, browse openings, purchase new programs, register for events, and more.

Tim Wylie, Head of Marketing says “Our mission is to deliver world-class experiences with Upper Hand, and it’s extremely important to us that we deliver that premium experience to our customers and their clients no matter what device they’re using.”

Experience the Upper Hand difference for yourself by talking to one of our industry experts today. 

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