2019 NBA Playoffs Bracket Based on NBA Logo Ranking

NBA Logo Rankings

2019 NBA Playoff Bracket Based on Logo Ranking

With the 2019 NBA Playoffs here, we looked back at the Ultimate Ranking of NBA Logos to create the 2019 NBA Playoff bracket based on logo ranking.

Each team’s logo ranking from that article to determines which team will come out on top in each match, leading to the Milwaukee Bucks and Golden State Warriors meeting in the finals. Ultimately, the Bucks’ logo has a slightly higher ranking than the Warriors’ logo which gives them the edge and leads them two their second NBA Championship!

It’s curious to note that in all the games, there is only one team (Utah Jazz) that is seeded lower than their opponent, yet has a higher ranked logo.

In other words, the conference rankings going into the playoffs correspond almost exactly with the logo rankings.

This premise holds concretely through the remainder of the tournament. The Warriors, ranked #1 in the Western Conference, have a logo that beats the Rockets’, ranked #4. The Nuggets, ranked #2, have a logo that beats the Trail Blazers’, ranked #3. The Bucks, ranked #1 in the Eastern Conference, have a logo that beats the Celtics’, ranked #4 (the same as their counterparts in the Western Conference). Likewise, the Raptors, ranked #2 in their conference, have a logo that beats the 76’ers, ranked #3.

This shows that the highest ranked teams in the 2019 NBA Playoffs are the teams that have the highest ranked logos, according to the Ultimate Ranking of NBA Logos.

Could a logo really affect how an NBA team performs on the court? Is it possible that logos could play into fan and player perception of a team, giving them a significant advantage over teams with weaker branding? Judging by the way the ranking of team logos correlates to the their team standings, as well as the plausibility of the outcome determined in the 2019 NBA Playoffs bracket, it can be believed that these logos do have a significant factor in a team’s success.

nba playoffs 2019 logos
Our 2019 NBA Playoff Bracket based on logo ranking.
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