5 Spooky Ideas for your Sports Facility in the Month of October

You’re always looking for fun ways to engage with your athletes without sacrificing the quality of the training you’re providing. With Halloween just around the corner, it’s a perfect opportunity to add a little holiday spirit to your facility or training academy. Here are 5 sports facility spooky ideas you can incorporate into your training business to keep things fresh and spooky.


1. Have a costume contest

Nothing says Halloween like costumes! Encourage your athletes to wear fun costumes for their lessons or to your camp or clinic (see tip 5 below). Award a prize for “Best Dressed,” “Most Creative Costume,” or “Scariest Outfit.” This not only provides an outlet for athletes to show their creativity and personality, but also makes for great photo opportunities for social media!


2. Freshen up your workouts with creative names

Give your workouts a Halloween twist by renaming exercises or movements. Incorporate some deadlifts or spider pushups into the workout. Let goblet squats become goblin squats, and band walks turn into monster walks. Or, use pumpkins as weights instead of kettlebells. This simple, yet effective change can make your regular workouts feel fresh and exciting, adding a little Halloween fun to your programming.


3. Curate the perfect spooky playlist

Another easy way to add a little fun to your Halloween week training is through the perfect spooky soundtrack. Create a special Halloween playlist featuring iconic spooky songs. Not only will this set the mood, but it will also encourage your athletes to keep moving. From Michael Jackson’s “Thriller” to the Ghostbusters theme song, these songs are sure to have athletes moving.

(Bonus tip: Have your athletes submit their favorite sound to add to the playlist!)


4. Run a holiday promotion

Celebrating at your sports facility doesn’t have to be all tricks…you can also throw in some treats! You could also consider creating a special Halloween discount code to encourage athletes to book a new session or purchase something from your retail shop. For example, create a coupon code like “BOO15” for 15% off a private session. This not only helps to incentivize current athletes to get back on the books, but also gives potential new athletes a nudge.


5. Host a Halloween camp or clinic

In addition to tweaking your programming, you can also create and market your own spooky special event. Decorate your facility with cobwebs or jack-o-lanterns, provide some Halloween-themed snacks as a post-workout treat. Combined with some of the above ideas, you can create a unique program with games, exercise, and challenges.

For more tips on running a successful sports camp, check out our free sports camp guide here!


Ready to celebrate?

Halloween isn’t the only opportunity to mix up your training or offer a special promotion. But, infusing some spooky fun into your facility or academy can be a great way to embrace the holiday spirit. Whether you decide to have a costume contest, switch up your workouts or playlist, offer a promotion, or host a Halloween-specific event, these ideas will help you energize your athletes. And, you’ll help your business stand out from the crowd by creating a fun, creative community that extends beyond the hard work of your athletes and coaches day in and day out.


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