For growing businesses, customer experience is everything. The best companies and brands recognize that the brand, culture, and purpose of a company is often times just as important as the actual product. Why? Because it is those intangible assets that create memorable experiences for customers. Positive client experiences build brand advocates, grow recurring revenue, and bolster the community of the business. 

All elements of your business should be geared towards maximizing customer experience. The smallest slip-up in any area could sour the client on your company. Whether it be things like customer service, facility maintenance, or class programming, everything needs to be performed with customer experience in mind. This can start with your business’ online footprint. 

Nearly every interaction existing and potential customers will have with any business will begin and end online. There is never a second chance to make a first impression, and first impressions in today business landscape occur almost exclusively online. Because of this, heavy focus needs to be placed on your company’s software, ensuring that all aspects of the software create the best customer experience possible.

Upper Hand can help elevate your customer experience in many ways. Here are just a few:

Tangible Ways Upper Hand Delivers Exceptional Experiences

Eliminating Scheduling Hassles

Life is complicated, and so are our calendars. Upper Hand makes scheduling simple, easy, and organized. Complex and intricate scheduling tools result in abandonment from customers— if they can’t figure out how to use the software, they will leave classes sitting in the shopping cart. In the long run, incomprehensible and time-consuming scheduling processes could result in losses in the thousands. Customers value ease of life, especially when it comes to organizing their time. Upper Hand delivers a streamlined and seamless way for your members and clients to book classes, lessons, camps, and clinics, and the first-class interface will keep them coming back for more.

Learn about Upper Hand’s online booking experience. 

Giving Power to the Members

In the fitness world, recurring revenue is everything. Having a consistent stream of recurring revenue helps companies focus on the long term, while also valuing and emphasizing the current customer base. The relationship built between your business and members results in a trusting and profitable transaction. Additionally, the longer clients stay members, the more likely they are to refer new members. 

The first step in gaining recurring revenue is securing the member. Part of this process revolves around the logistics— purchasing classes, customizing memberships, and utilizing benefits. Our software takes care of all those, and delivers more. We designed our software to give flexibility and power to the member, thereby enhancing their overall experience with the business.

Read more about Upper Hand’s membership management tools.

Boosting Online Presence

As mentioned earlier, customers will make snap judgements based on your online profile. Therefore, your business needs to put its best foot forward and optimize online offerings. For fitness studios and sports facilities alike, this means establishing an accessible page for booking classes, lessons, and events. This allows clients to book spots in offerings of which they already had interest and discover new options for events. This ability to show off your business’ wide range of capabilities and services will entice the customer to come back for more. In addition, the variety and quantity of offerings strengthens customer appreciation. 

See how Upper Hand can elevate your scheduling experience. 

Success begins and ends with customer experience. No matter how great the service or product, its all for naught if the customer does not truly enjoy their time engaged with the business. Now that a large amount of business interactions occur online, Upper Hand is here to help aid you in creating the most enjoyable customer experience possible.

Upper Hand
Upper Hand
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