3 Ways Upper Hand Elevates Client Experience

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For growing businesses, customer experience is everything.

The best companies and brands recognize that the brand, culture, and purpose of a company is just as important as the programs and services they provide. This is because those intangible assets create memorable experiences for your clients. These positive experiences ultimately build a community of brand advocates, and grow your recurring revenue.

So, with customer experience at the forefront of your business, it’s important that all elements of your business are geared towards maximizing this customer experience. From customer service to facility maintenance to event offerings, and more, you should be building your brand with the client experience in mind.

This can start with your business’ online footprint.

For both existing and potential customers, many experiences begin and end online. There’s never a second chance to make a first impression, so how can you ensure it’s a positive one? Heavy focus needs to be placed on your company’s sports scheduling software.

Upper Hand is here to help. Here are just a few ways that Upper Hand’s sports software can help you elevate your customer experience.


Tangible Ways Upper Hand Delivers Exceptional Client Experiences

Eliminating Scheduling Hassles

Life is busy. So are our calendars. Signing up for a lesson shouldn’t be harder than the client’s workout. Upper Hand makes scheduling simple, easy, and organized – for you and your clients.

Complex scheduling processes result in abandonment. If clients can’t figure out how to register for your sports camp or schedule a private lesson, they will leave those programs sitting in the shopping cart. Or even worse, they won’t even try to schedule anything at all. In the long run, a complex or frustrating scheduling process can lead to a loss of clients and a loss of revenue.

Your clients value ease of life. Especially when it comes to organizing their time. Upper Hand delivers a streamlined and seamless way for your members and clients to book lessons, rent out spaces in your facility, and register for camps. And, it will make it easy for them to come back for more.

Learn about Upper Hand’s online booking experience. 


Giving Power to your Members

Recurring revenue is a fantastic indicator of financial health and stability. Having a consistent stream of recurring revenue helps companies focus on the long term. And, it also values and emphasizes the current clientele. The relationship built between your business and your members results in trust, brand advocacy, and loyalty. And, when done right, this brings profitability.

The first step in building a recurring revenue stream is to secure a member. So, as you think about what a membership might look like for business, be sure to think about your clients and their needs. Upper Hand provides you with the flexibility to build out a membership that fits the needs of your customer and your business. Configure your memberships to fit your business, not the other way around, and enhance your client experience.

Read more about Upper Hand’s membership management tools.


Boosting Online Presence

As mentioned earlier, clients will make snap decisions based on your online profile. So, your business needs to put its best foot forward and optimize online offerings. For sports facilities and training academies alike, this means establishing an accessible way for clients to view your offerings and book appointments for the programs that fit their goals.

Upper Hand makes it easy for you to control your client experience. Whether on your sports business website, or via your social media platforms, you are able to direct customers to your Upper Hand app where they can browse through your events, schedule appointments, and make payments. This ability to show off your business’ wide range of capabilities and services will entice clients to come back for more, and will strengthen customer appreciation.

Bonus tip: The Upper Hand mobile app makes it even easier for clients to book from wherever the day takes them.


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Request a demo of Upper Hand

At the end of the day, success begins and ends with the customer experience. With the world at our fingertips, having a strong and positive online presence is critical to establishing relationships. Upper Hand is here to help you create a positive first impression and enjoyable client experiences that move your business up and to the right. Schedule a call with a member of our team to see how our youth sports scheduling software can help give your business a competitive edge.


Bring any sports lesson types to market in minutes with Upper Hand! Request a demo to see it in action.


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