7 Resources to Help Re-open Your Business After COVID-19

how to reopen sports and fitness

Our team has been hard at work creating the resources you’ll need to fine-tune your re-opening strategy. Our checklists, guides, research briefs, and templates are built on a foundation of meaningful consumer behavior insights and valuable industry leader expertise, and will arm you with the tools you need to make important decisions for your business in the coming days and weeks.

7 Resources to Help You Re-Open Your Sports and Fitness Business

Definitive Guide to Re-opening Sports and Fitness

This guide is designed to give sports and fitness business owners and operators a playbook of strategies for re-opening. The framework was based on the insights from the UPLIFT Roundtable webinar and survey data from over 1,200 sports and fitness consumers about how they feel returning to their gyms and studios. 

In this guide, you’ll find solutions to short-term and long-term industry and business impacts caused by COVID-19, key takeaways from leaders at businesses like Title Boxing Club, Athletic Republic, and Curves, major projected changes in consumer behavior, and more. 

Download the Definitive Guide to Re-opening Sports and Fitness here! 

Re-opening Checklist for Sports and Fitness Businesses

From immediate facility and operational considerations to re-engagement strategies, our gym, studio, and facility-specific checklist outlines important recommendations and steps you should consider before re-opening. 

Included in this checklist are over 30 steps to help you prepare for clients’ return to your business, key strategies to help you market your re-opening, and more.

Download the Re-opening Checklist here! 

Report: Examining the Re-opening of Sports and Fitness

This Research Brief by Kevin MacCauley, CEO of Upper Hand, defines clear challenges leaders face and how to overcome them, includes an in-depth analysis of various business models and how they should be adapted post-COVID, and outlines valuable insights on leveraging digital tools for the long run. 

The research report, based on content from the UPLIFT Roundtable, industry surveys, and independent research, includes everything leaders need to know to open their doors with confidence.

Download the Research Brief here! 

Survey data on Post-COVID Consumer Trends and Behaviors

We asked 1,200 consumers who frequently train at local sports or fitness businesses about every facet of their return to their home studios or gyms. Our  survey data paints a clear picture of what consumer trends and behaviors will look like in a post-COVID landscape. 

In this data you will find consumers’ biggest concerns about returning to your business, the timeframe in which customers plan on returning, what steps your business can take to make clients more comfortable when returning, and more.

Download the Survey Data here! 

Webinar Recording: Re-opening Sports and Fitness Through Best Practices

On May 12, Upper Hand invited some of the industry’s most respected business minds to join in a new collective mission to empower sports and fitness businesses for re-opening. This resulted in the UPLIFT Roundtable, our research-based roundtable that was designed to help sports and fitness business owners and staff pave a smooth transition to re-opening, improve the customer experience, and build a stronger sales engine. 

In this on-demand webinar, you will learn client engagement strategies, client lifecycle and pricing strategies, the four areas of consumer risk, and specific strategies to re-open with confidence.

Download the Webinar Recording here! 

Customer Lifecycle Journey Template

With new consumer behaviors resulting from COVID-19, re-opening with the same plan and strategy as before is not enough. We created a template to help you re-think your customers’  interactions with your business and adapt accordingly based on new consumer behaviorism trends.

This template will give you insights on consumer behaviorism and examples of customer journeys, and provide a way for you to rethink your offerings based on sacrifices by your customers. 

Download the Customer Lifecycle Journey Template here! 

Calculating Profit Margins Per Resource

Historically, sports and fitness businesses have relied on maximizing capacity to generate the most revenue – whether that be filling up classes, time slots for lessons, or renting resources – to maximize revenue. However, with new CDC and individual states’ capacity limitations, many businesses are struggling to strategize how to re-open; or to re-open at all.

Use this simple calculation to maximize profit and to help in deciding what equipment or offering you should reduce vs. shut down.

Download the Profit Margins Template here! 

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