A net result? Comparisons of Stanley Cup Goaltenders using Upper Hand’s Save Review System

Stanley Cup Golden Knights Goalie

This article was published by Neil Greenberg, Laris Karklis, and Tim Meko from the Washington Post on May 27th, 2018. To read the full article, click here.

Save Percentage

Seven-game moving average: a simple average of the seven most recent performances for the goaltender

Regular season vs. playoffs

Both Holtby and Fleury are playing better in the playoffs than they did during the regular season. Here is the save percentage among all playoff goaltenders since 2005-06 with a minimum of 10 regular season games played.

Save percentages, by situation

Goal locations in the playoffs

Holtby is most vulnerable low on his blocker side, where he has let in 22 percent of his goals. Against Fleury, shoot high on his glove side, where nearly one in five goals have been scored against the Golden Knights.

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