April 2020 Product Update

Upper hand – upper hand – april product roundup

April, what a month you were. A month that will always remembered for at-home workouts, TikTok dance videos, and a consistent rotation of cotton attire.

However, amidst the chaos, our remote team stayed busy supporting customers, generating helpful COVID-related content, and improving our software.

Learn how one baseball facility franchise stayed busy training over 1,000 athletes with our video analysis software

Before hopping into April’s updates, we have an exciting opportunity to share! On May 12th we hosted The UPLIFT Roundtable – a conversational webinar with industry leaders to explore re-opening best practices for sports and fitness businesses.

The webinar will have two parts – the first will focus on key business areas impacted by COVID-19, while the second will concentrate on how to come out of COVID stronger than before.

Visit the UPLIFT Roundtable registration page for all of the details!

Without further ado, read more about our product updates below, and if the saying stays true, cheers to May flowers!


In this release:

Speed and Stability Enhancements

Our engineers have been grinding to complete the Front End Liberation! We are excited to announce that we have completed Phase 1 of this large project and it’s showing immediate results!

The results of this big milestone include a faster experience moving between pages with fewer hard page refreshes, helps overall stability, and reduces bugs. This is very noticeable for mobile usage and slow internet connections!


In the quest to make a more stable and reliable product, our engineers have begun dedicating one Friday out of each month to Fix-It-Friday.

Most of these “fixes” include: smaller user experience enhancements, minor visual adjustments, and other lingering bugs that can hinder the customer or client experience.

In our the first Fix-It-Friday, our team pushed 9 small effort, big impact improvements!

New “Best Practices” Webinar Series

We have started a “Best Practices” webinar series to increase feature adoption, learning resources, and overall NPS score by showing customers how to get the most out of the software.

The webinars cover a variety of topics and use cases when using  the software. After the first few webinars we will open them to the public for those interested in seeing the benefits of Upper Hand in a non-personalized environment! Stay tuned.

APEX New Feature: Contact Sorting

video analysis contact sorting

This new feature allows you to organize your contacts alphabetically by first or last name within a few areas of the app.

It is available within the People View, and when searching for athletes to tag and users to share the video with.

About APEX and How it Works

Built for any sports and fitness activity, Upper Hand APEX is an incredibly simple yet powerful video platform that makes capturing, organizing and sharing video fast and easy. Video analysis provides an abundance of new revenue opportunities to businesses, coaches, and trainers by:

  • Training clients remotely from anywhere.
  • Generating new revenue streams with re-sellable licenses.
  • Increasing value of packages and/or membership tiers.
  • Increasing client retention by adding more value to your training.

APEX is available for iOS and iPadOS and is simple to use:

  1. Capture videos using APEX on your device or upload videos from your library after the session.
  2. Create unlimited tags and custom lists to make it simple to organize any number of videos.
  3. Use tools like Smart Shapes, Overlay, and Side-by-Side to edit your videos for in-depth analysis.
  4. Distribute the videos to clients’ personal video lockers for them to review.

video analysis tools

Do you have questions about the features in our latest round of updates? Let us know at [email protected]!

To see a live demo of Upper Hand in action, click here to schedule a time!

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