How a Colorado Basketball Academy Grew to 2,500 Athletes on Upper Hand

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EYG Basketball is a basketball training academy and facility based outside of Denver, Colorado. This business trains powerful and promising young athletes and gives them the tools they need to achieve great success in the sport. Founded by Galen Harkness and Jordan Long, EYG has grown into a powerhouse academy, training 2,500 players from the youth to collegiate level. 

As a customer of Upper Hand since 2015, we’ve been fortunate to have a front-row seat to their success and growth over the years. We’re excited to share their story in our latest case study. Here are some of the highlights.

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Prior to moving to Upper Hand’s basketball software, athletes would contact Galen or Jordan via text, phone call, or email to schedule training. At the end of a session, the coaches were primarily money collectors, engaging in conversation about payments rather than the athlete’s development. 

Additionally, communication had become a headache for the EYG staff as they continued to expand their business. From scheduling changes to new programs, Galen and his team began looking for a solution that managed multiple communication channels so they could relay important information to athletes and market new events.

So in 2015, to alleviate headaches from manual scheduling processes while streamlining daily tasks and managing communication, they moved to Upper Hand.

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Upper Hand’s streamlined basketball software allowed Galen and Jordan to organize their programs, training, and camps, and ultimately direct their clients to a single link to sign up. Not only did this increase convenience and opportunity; it also reduced time spent with back and forth scheduling communications.

In addition, Upper Hand’s all-in-one platform has allowed Galen to refocus his attention on growing EYG Basketball. Galen estimates that Upper Hand saves him at least 10 hours a week on administrative tasks:

“When we first started, it took a lot of time to create programs, get the word out, set up registration, and figure out how we’re going to collect money. Now, we can literally have a program up and running in 10 minutes with Upper Hand.”




Today, EYG has a database of over 2,500 clients, meaning effective communication channels have become critical in sharing information and training updates. EYG Basketball leverages Upper Hand’s contact management and marketing tools to reach specific groups and send messages to their rosters ahead of training sessions.

Not only did Upper Hand’s basketball software alleviate these challenges, but it also uncovered new opportunities and added benefits for EYG to grow and elevate their athlete experience.

Galen still believes they’ve only scratched the surface on what they can do on Upper Hand.

As a result of this long-term partnership, EYG Basketball has been able to dream big and continue to leverage new features within the software to scale alongside their growth.

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