9 Reasons Upper Hand is Worth the Investment

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Every sports business has a different story and is in a different place on their journey. Each one has its own set of values and goals. Your goal may be to bring in new athletes or become more organized. Perhaps you want to save time or increase revenue. For each of your business goals, Upper Hand offers features to help you get there. For all of the time you spend on administrative tasks, Upper Hand cuts that down so that you can focus more on your athletes. Upper Hand helps sports businesses reach goals, but don’t take our word for it. Take it from a few of our customers- sports business owners just like you!

Upper Hand helps me grow my business.

“Upper Hand has allowed my clients to feel they are a part of something much bigger than just me coaching them. Having an online platform to schedule and take payment has made my product much more professional and attractive to the general public. I felt it in my gut that I needed to go with Upper Hand. It made sense from a user standpoint and it was not too expensive. The team has been supportive and respectful – even proactive when I may be distracted by other demands. You guys are doing great! Thank you for the platform.” – Dominic Ramos, Evercrest Baseball

“The Upper Hand software has helped my business grow so much! I will be opening a 2nd location soon. Thank you.” – Karon Bradley, The Lab Basketball Training

Whether you want to legitimize your brand, consolidate tasks, or expand, Upper Hand’s features can help! No more spreadsheets, missed payments, or double booking. Give clients a sophisticated, seamless booking and payment process through reliable software like Upper Hand.

Upper Hand provides reports that help my business succeed.

“The reports, for someone like me who runs other businesses, and being able to get a quick glimpse at something and see, you know, in a year from now to look back, what are some things that we’ve done that are really successful? What are some things that we tried that maybe weren’t as successful? Can we change up? Should we just forget it? But to be able to do that really quickly at a glance, for someone who doesn’t want to spend a lot of time like digging through to find things, the reports are excellent.” – Mark Miller, House of Hustle

With Upper Hand’s provided reports, you are committed to the long term growth of your business. Save time and effort going through data and let the experts at Upper Hand help you measure what’s working and what isn’t.

I can manage my business on the go.

“I love the fact that I can use it on my phone. I mean, it’s a double edged sword: I’m constantly working because it’s on my phone, but if something were to happen where the two kiosks are overwhelmed, I can always grab my phone and check people in or help them out from there.” – Tom Emig, D-BAT Newark

“Upper Hand is the first thing I check every morning to make sure that our coaches are on the schedule at the right time and at the right place. I’ve gotten to the point where they’ve gotten to the point where they use it so well that they don’t need me anymore. They’re on the app as much as I am.” – Brad Woodall, Silver Sluggers Academy

The Upper Hand mobile app is accessible for owners, staff, parents, and athletes at any time and place. Easily create an event, send a marketing email, or store payment information on your Upper Hand app.

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I’ve been able to expand my revenue streams.

“Memberships were something we’ve wanted to do, but we didn’t have the capability to do it. Upper Hand has just made it so easy for us. We built a membership option and haven’t really even marketed it yet, but have seen a few people find it and sign up. The recurring income will pay the bills if we get to the number we want to, so it’s a wonderful tool that we’re hopefully going to be starting to push to market in the next week.” – Mark Miller, House of Hustle

“Since implementing Upper Hand, I have added a couple extra sessions to existing programs and I have also added two brand new programs, one of which is going to be a significant part of my business. It really comes down to how simple it is to get programs into the system and push them live for people to purchase. And, once everything is in the system, the management of everything is the real time saver.” – Mike Radja, SpeedSkills Hockey

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Upper Hand is easy for my clients to use.

“As a small basketball organization, Upper Hand software has provided a platform for our clients to register for our training online, as well as schedule their sessions and keep track of their payments. As a result, we have become more organized in tracking the payments we receive. We have also been able to build a database of clients and can streamline our communication with them through the software.”  – Sarah Allen, Blue Collar Basketball

“The software is easy for customers to use, and we have a lot more customers doing their own account management vs. asking me to do it like they did with our last CRM. It looks great, and creating events is very easy. Overall our customers are having a much easier time using this software, and it’s straightforward if you’re doing straightforward things with it.”  – Liz Mayerich, Houston Sword Sports

“Our customers love it! The user experience is top notch. It’s a breeze for our customers to schedule their own lessons and camp attendance. Upper Hand is a critical tool that we rely on daily.” – John Ard, D-BAT Bothell

As a business owner, you want your clients to be happy. You could be the best coach in the world but lose clients because of a disorganized booking process. Finding a software that is client friendly and intuitive is the icing on the cake that keeps athletes coming back.

I can bring my programs to market in minutes.

“Gone are the days of tedious setup processes. With Upper Hand, setting up memberships, camps, training programs, clinics, classes, and other programs is a breeze. The streamlined setup process empowers you to get everything up and running within minutes. It’s quick, hassle-free, and ensures you can focus on what truly matters: delivering exceptional experiences to your clients.”  – Galen Harkness, EYG Basketball Academy

Implement a camp, clinic, lesson, or membership with the touch of a button. Build recurring revenue easily through our membership features.

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Bring any sports lesson types to market in minutes with Upper Hand! Request a demo to see it in action.

Upper Hand listens to our needs.

“The thing I appreciate most about Upper Hand is that they not only value our feedback, but they actually take it into consideration and then make improvements to the software that has dramatically enhanced my business experience. You can tell the staff really cares about their customers and recognizes that my success is their success.” – Chris Husby, Special Teams Football Academy

“Upper Hand sports has been fantastic for my business! They listen to their consumers and are constantly striving to make improvements. They have grown in their functionality each year I have used them and my clients like using it as well. Every time I make a suggestion they work as fast as they can to make software updates. Top-notch customer service and professionalism.” – Patrick Colgan, The Sharpened Athlete

We understand that no software is perfect, but we are committed to improving Upper Hand each day. We appreciate the businesses that have been patient with us and believed in our vision!

Upper Hand helps me manage my instructors and staff.

“Upper Hand is the first thing I check every morning to make sure that our coaches are on the schedule at the right time and at the right place. They’ve gotten to the point where they use it so well that they don’t need me anymore. They’re on the app as much as I am.”  – Brad Woodall, Silver Sluggers Academy

With the employee portal feature, staff can login, clock in and out, earn commissions, and more. Easily schedule times and locations for each staff member.

Upper Hand allows me time to do more of what I love.

“For me, I would say Upper Hand saves me anywhere from 5 to 10 hours a week. If I had 5 to 10 free hours every week, I’d take it in a heartbeat. It may not seem like much, but for my limited time that I do have it’s huge.” – Mike Radja, SpeedSkills Hockey

“So many aspects of daily business all in one place. Scheduling, memberships, emails, marketing, keeps track of absolutely everything for me so I can concentrate on what really matters, training. Saves me so much time and money on my phone or the computer!” – John Draine, Drainetrain Basketball

You are passionate about your sport, and we want you to focus on that. Upper Hand saves hours that you can give back to your athletes.

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