How Your Businesses Can Benefit From Cash Back Programs

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What if I told you that you were leaving hundreds, potentially thousands of dollars on the table each year purchasing everyday items? 

This particular strategy has put over $300 back in my pocket over the last few months. 

My intent is to give you insight into tools/services that are right at your fingertips to put that money back into your pocket and business. I understand that with the current situation in our country and throughout the world, every dollar counts and hope you find value in this. 

Over the last few years, I started seeing ads for plug-ins that would automatically apply all available discounts for you at checkout. At first, it was awesome and would save a few dollars each time I made an online purchase. However, over the last 6 months, it seemed that those same plugins were finding fewer coupons meaning almost no savings at checkout. Then I found a company called Rakuten. 

Rakuten is an online marketplace where you can find automatic cash back deals at nearly every store you would shop from. In a nutshell, stores pay Rakuten to send shoppers to their site. Rakuten is then paid a referral fee from that store and they then give you part of the payout. 

Rakuten has a wide range of stores and categories for any type of purchase you would like to make. As an example, major athletic retailers like Nike, Adidas, and Under Armour are on Rakuten. 

We’re going to leverage Rakuten and a company called Raise. Raise is another marketplace where individuals sell unwanted gift cards at a discounted price. 

Let’s say you’re shopping for new Under Armour shoes to use for coaching. Here’s an example of how we stack Rakuten Cash Back + Discounted Gift Cards for a purchase you were already going to make.


How to Use Cash Back Programs and Save Money


Step 1. Create a Rakuten Account


Upper hand – sports fitness cash back


Step 2. On Rakuten, search for Raise and Click “Show Now”


Upper hand – sports fitness cash back



Step 3: Search Under Armour and click “Under Armour Gift Cards”


Upper hand – sports fitness cash back



Step 4: Find the desired amount and click “Add To Cart”


Upper hand – sports fitness cash back


Step 5:  Purchase $100 Under Armour Gift Card on Raise (Discounted 5% for $95 + 3% CB from Rakuten = $7.85 Savings)


Upper hand – sports fitness cash back


Step 6: Go Back to Rakuten, search Under Armour and click “Shop Now”


Upper hand – sports fitness cash back


Step 7: Click Under Armour link to website (It will automatically apply 10% CB from Rakuten upon Purchase)


Upper hand – sports fitness cash back


Step 8: It will take you to the Under Armour Website for you to shop and make the purchase.

Let’s say you found a pair of shoes on the Under Armour website that would cost $120 and do the math to see how much we’ve saved.



Rakuten –> Raise: $2.85 Cash Back Saved (3% Cash Back on $95.00 Gift Card Purchase)

$100 Gift Card – Paid $95.00 = $5 Saved

Rakuten –> Under Armour: $12 Cash Back Saved (10% Cash Back on $120 Purchase)

Total Savings: $19.85

Now think about the amount of cash your business could save if, every time you needed to restock merchandise or purchase products, you took a few minutes to use these tools.

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