You Asked, We Answered: Membership FAQs

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Frequently Asked Questions: Memberships

Upper Hand’s membership software offers an easier way for your clients to enroll in auto-renewal memberships they’ll love and provides data-backed insights that help you keep them coming back.

In this edition of The Huddle, we are answering all of your questions around memberships. Let’s dive in!


Why aren’t memberships automatically cancelled when they reach the commitment length?

This not only gives Staff Admins the ability to lock in business for a certain amount of time, but it also gives the client the flexibility to continue their membership at a given rate. This is another way to keep steady revenue flowing into the business.


After I suspend a membership, how do I know when the client will be charged next?

This depends on which day in the client’s billing cycle their suspension begins. For example, if a membership is suspended 10 days before the charge date, when a membership is reactivated, the client will be charged in 10 days.


Tip: For more information on suspending and reactivating memberships, visit our help article.


Why do cancelled members still show in the membership?

To show accurate membership history.


What happens if I change the benefits in a membership?

Changing the benefits of a membership will update those benefits on the next billing cycle, to all of those individuals enrolled in that membership. So, let’s say you were originally giving 7 credits to members in a Gold Membership and you change the benefits to give 10 credits…on their next billing cycle, they will receive the new 10 credit amount. The same goes for any type of benefit.


Why are clients allowed to choose to “Pay Later” for a membership?

Clients are allowed to do this because Pay Later functionality is currently on for the entire instance. Currently, you cannot pick and choose what Pay Later is on/ off for (at this time). If you’d like to turn off Pay Later for your entire instance, follow the steps below:

  1. Navigate to the “Settings” in the bottom left hand corner of your dashboard.
  2. Click on the “Preferences” tab.
  3. Under “Client Payment Method”, uncheck Cash and Check.



Why don’t the membership numbers on the membership page match their membership report?

If you are downloading the Payment Allocations Report, this will only show paid memberships. So, for those individuals who have not yet paid, this could show and imbalance.


What happens if I change the price of a membership when clients are already enrolled?

Price changes are not grandfathered in, meaning as soon as you change the price of your membership, it changes for everyone in that membership, no matter when they signed up.

Tip: The best way to do “grandfathered” memberships would be to make the old membership “Invite-Only” and “Hidden in Client Checkout” and create a new membership at a new price. This is the easiest way to keep your old clients at a certain price and charge more for new clients.

To make a membership “Invite-Only,” follow the steps below:

  1. Click on the “Memberships” tab in your left hand navigation.
  2. Find the membership you’d like to edit and click the three dot menu in the top right corner.
  3. Select the “Invite-only membership” box.


How do I export my membership list?

Right now, the best way to do this would be to download the Payment Allocations Report and filter by “Membership”. To do this:

  1. Click on “Reports” in your left hand navigation.
  2. Click the cloud icon next to Reports.
  3. When the pop-up appears, click the drop down to select “Payment Allocations” and then select the date range you’d like to see.
  4. Click Download.


The other option would be to download the Balances Report and filter by “Membership Renewal”. This will show you all membership renewals that occur for a specific timeframe. To do this:

  1. Click on “Reports” in your left hand navigation.
  2. Select “Balances”.
  3. Click on the “Filters” button in the top right of your toolbar.
  4. Under “Product Type,” type in “Membership Renewals”
  5. Click “Apply Filters”
  6. If you’d like to export the results, you can click the blue export button in the top right


How do I create a coupon for a one-time membership join fee?
  1. Using your left hand navigation, select the Coupons tab
  2. Click the “+” icon in the top left to create a new coupon
  3. Enter the Coupon Name (only you see this), Discount, Code (this is what your client will use at checkout) and Start/End Date
  4. Under “Payment Type”, select “Single”
  5. If you’d like to make this coupon only valid once per client, type in “1” under Uses and select “Per Client” in the drop down
  6. You can give your coupon a description if you wish (only you see this)
  7. On the right hand side, select the memberships you’d like to apply the one-time coupon towards


Tip: For more information on building coupons, visit our help article.


How do I sell multiple memberships to one account?

One person cannot be enrolled in more than one membership at a time. However, if you are looking to enroll children in memberships under one managed account, you can go through POS > Select Child > Select Membership > Checkout


How do I give a family discount?

You can create sibling add-on memberships to imitate a family discount. For example, if one child is in a full price membership, you can put the other two children in a “Sibling Add-On” Membership, which has the same benefits, but is priced at a different rate. To do so, you would just create a new membership and add the other children under the managed account to that discounted membership. We recommend you list this membership as “Invite-Only” and issue out the link to those you’d like to enroll.


How do I upgrade/ downgrade a client?

If you upgrade or downgrade a client, you must cancel them out of the membership they are currently enrolled in first. To do so:

  1. Navigate to the Memberships tab in the left hand navigation
  2. Find the membership your client is CURRENTLY enrolled in… click “view” in the blue bar
  3. From there you will be able to search for your client, click on the three dot menu to the right of their name, select cancel
  4. You will be able to either cancel at the end of the period or cancel immediately. In order to place them in a new membership, you must select “cancel immediately”.

From there, you will be able to complete the transaction through POS for either upgrading or downgrading their membership.

Tip: For more information, visit our help article.


If you’re interested in leveling UP to include memberships in your Upper Hand subscription, reach out to your account manager!


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