Pro Tips: Navigating All-New Client Profile Pages

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Pro Tips: Client Profile Pages


Last week, we released our new and improved Client Profile Pages! Today, we’re going to answer some of the common questions we’ve been receiving and outline some tips and tricks when using this new feature update.


Let’s get started!


Client-Facing Questions

How do I view past/ upcoming sessions for my managed accounts on mobile?

To view your managed account’s schedule navigate to your client profile using the “My Profile” tab. Scroll to the bottom of the page and select the managed profile you’d like to view. Once you’ve landed on the intended managed profile page, select the “Schedule” button to view upcoming and past sessions.

viewing upcoming sessions for managed profiles


How do I book unscheduled credits?

To book unscheduled credits, clients will need to navigate to the “Browse Events” tab, search the event they are looking to book, and their unscheduled sessions will appear and be ready for use.


Clients + Staff Related Questions

How do I view “unpaid sessions” and pay them down?

To view “unpaid” sessions, select the “Schedule” tab from the client profile view. Using the drop-downs, you can view all upcoming and past sessions. Any session that is “unpaid” will have a red unpaid indicator next to the session. To pay this session down, click the three dot menu, “view balance” at the top of the drawer, then click the three dot menu in the top right hand corner, select “pay balance”.

Please note: Clients can only pay down their own balance using a credit card through their profile by following the same process as outlined above.

pay down unpaid balances


Staff-Facing Questions

As a staff member, how do I manage a client’s membership from their client profile?

With our new client profile pages, staff are able to cancel, suspend, and view the history of client’s memberships right from the client profile page.

When on a client profile page, you’ll notice our new membership box underneath their name. This box contains information like the type of membership, amount the client is being charged and their next payment date.

how to manage a client's membership with client profile pages

To manage the membership, staff can click on the three dot menu in the top right corner and either view history, suspend or cancel the client’s membership.


What are all the ways I can cancel sessions from the software?

There are a few ways to cancel clients out of sessions. With our new client profile pages, staff are able to cancel clients from their client profile. Simply navigate to the client profile, click on the “Schedule” tab, and use the three dot menu next to the session to remove the client.

how to cancel sessions from the client profile pages


Another way you can cancel a client from a session is through the calendar. Find the event you’d like to cancel the client out of from the calendar. Once you’ve found the calendar card for the event, click the three dot menu, view session, and by using the “x” next to the client’s name, you’ll be able to remove them from the event.

how to cancel a client from a session via calendar card


Hopefully this helped you better navigate the new and improved client profile pages! If you have any additional questions, please feel free to reach out to me at [email protected].


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