Product Update: 3 New Reports to Power Up Your Finances

Transactions Report Split

We are excited to announce big updates to our financial reporting! Part of the reinvented UP Financial Suite (more details coming soon), these new reports are based on direct feedback from customers and bring a myriad of benefits to you in terms of financial reporting, accounting, and payment tracking!  All reports include new quick-actions and are available on mobile devices and in the Upper Hand app. Learn more about each of the reports below!


Balances Report


balances report

The all-new Balances Report shows detailed information about all of the money owed to the business and who owes it. Additionally, you can view and search all client and order information associated with an unpaid client balance, giving you the ability to pay down a balance for the client.

  • Improved Tracking – track all clients with outstanding balances and view outstanding balance details within the new client drawer.
  • New Filters – With a new set of filters you’re able to find specific outstanding balances based on a number of criteria. Plus, the dynamic stats across the top adjust with your filters so you can easily view specific details.
  • Take Action – With new Quick-Actions, easily take action against outstanding balances.


Orders Report


orders report

This new report shows high-level information of all client orders to date. We’ve combined each item purchased within a transaction to appear in the order and have updated to allow you to issue refunds on the item-level. Within this report you can view all details associated with a specified order and track all completed client orders with the option to view individual details about each order transacted.

  • Advanced Filters with Stats – Find orders faster and easier with a new set of filters and watch the high-level stats update accordingly.
  • Drill Down Into Each Order – We combined all purchased items into one order, making it easier to view the order as a whole.
  • New Quick Actions – New features give you the ability to send receipts and issue refunds on individual items or a specified amount.


Ledger Report


ledgers report

This new report contains all your business’s transactions to date. We updated the design, horizontal scroll, and adjusted the columns to make it even more responsive. All debits/credits are displayed with the option to dive into detailed transaction breakdowns. The new report makes it easier to see all money coming in (payments) and going out (refunds) of your business, keeping your business’s historical accounting as accurate as possible.

  • Customizable Views – Adjust your columns to show the fields important to you.
  • Improved Mobile Experience – We made big under-the-hood improvements to make it easier to check transaction data on the go.


Questions about the new reporting updates? Get in touch with us at [email protected]!
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