Same time, same place: Introducing Repeat Booking

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You’ve probably heard the saying “time is money.”

And, as a business owner, you know better than anyone else that this is more than just a phrase.

It’s reality.

Just as you want to improve the efficiency of your athletes on the court or field, you want to operate your business as efficiently as possible. The time you spend doing tedious management tasks, like scheduling your athletes, could be costing you big time. Not only can it be time consuming to schedule out multiple sessions months in advance, but if you don’t, you run the risk of staff or resources getting booked for other commitments.

I mean, what’s more annoying than showing up to work only to find that someone is parked in “your” spot, right?

What if we told you there’s now an easier way to book out recurring open booking events?

Lucky for you, there is.

Enter Repeat Booking.

We understand that you would rather invest your time in training your athletes, not adding them to your training schedule. You’ve been asking for an easier way to schedule out your athlete’s recurring open booking events. That’s why we’ve built Repeat Booking. With just a few clicks, you can now efficiently book your clients out for weeks at a time, saving you time, and reducing the probability of scheduling conflicts.


Say goodbye to recurring tasks, and hello to repeating clients.

To be successful in any sport, consistency is key. As a business owner, the key to a successful operation is to keep your athletes coming back. Not only is this good for building revenue, but it also helps you build trust and positive rapport with your athletes.

By treating your clients like legends, you’ll keep them coming back. And, with repeat booking, that’s even easier to do.

Same time, same place? You bet.

Repeat booking is bringing that catchphrase to life.


Time = saved

Like we mentioned previously, we know that time is money. With Repeat Booking, staff members are now able to book out multiple recurring sessions at once, saving hours of tedious administrative work.

“We have repeat customers on the same day each week, and it is costing us more time outside of work to schedule these clients on a weekly basis. The ability to book recurring events will cut down dead time tenfold for all staff at any training facility.”

Previously, in order to book out multiple sessions, staff members were required to book out each of those instances individually. Now, with just a few clicks, clients will be booked out for weeks at a time. Talk about the ultimate time-saver!


Scheduling made easy

With this new user experience, scheduling becomes both seamless and efficient.

It takes approximately 5 clicks to schedule an open booking event in Upper Hand; finding the event to book, selecting the client, and selecting an available date and time. Previously, staff members had to repeat this process for each session…meaning if a client was looking to schedule 4 weeks of private lessons on Mondays and Wednesdays, this took staff members nearly 50 clicks!

Much like Google Calendar allows you to set recurring meetings, our Repeat Booking functionality will allow you to set open bookings to be repeated at set days and times.


Conflicts reduced

Your schedule is like the ultimate Tetris game. You want it to be as complete as possible, and free of any dead space or unproductive gaps. Repeat Booking helps you fill your books in advance. By having the ability to book out recurring sessions, it reduces the probability for you to double book or overbook during a specified time frame. As a result, you have a clear picture of the future of your training schedule.

“Not only would Repeat Booking be helpful to save time, but it would help us identify where there are conflicts in the schedule, if any.”

Likewise, Repeat Booking helps your clients secure their “spot” on your schedule. This is also a great way to give priority scheduling to your longtime clients, who may have a set training routine at your business.

“I see multiple athletes for weekly lessons who prefer booking out months in advance so as to not lose their spot.”


Client experiences = legendary

Overall, if you’re in the sports business just to get people in and out the door, you won’t be in business for very long. The most successful businesses have moved beyond transactional relationships to create experiences for their clients and families.

Repeat Booking allows you to continue to cultivate relationships and treat your clients like legends. By getting to know your athletes, and training with them at a regular cadence, you’ll gain a better understanding of how their body and mind react to different cues, and how their stamina, power, or strength has improved over time. These consistent interactions will help them have more success in their sports.


Ready to see Repeat Booking in Action? Get a demo today.


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