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This article was originally written by Andy Butcher, Marketing Manager at SoftwareWorld.

Upper Hand is a leading software designed to help various sport and fitness businesses arrive at a unique position in SoftwareWorld’s Club Management Software category. Its amazing client-centric approach and unique features like online booking support, membership management, and integrated payment are distinct from other competitors. That’s why SoftwareWorld recognizes Upper Hand as a leading sports and fitness software.

SoftwareWorld is one of the fastest-growing review platforms that measure the remarkable offerings of various software via its independent research process. The process involves measuring software performance on unbiased client reviews, case studies, and social proof.

Using a similar research process, the SoftwareWorld analyst team recognizes and lists Upper Hand software as a superlative software in its Club Management software category.


What does Upper Hand’s club management software do well?

To win a prominent position on SoftwareWorld, Upper Hand software has proved itself as a stellar software, and below are a few things that it does well:

  1. Offers unparalleled customer journey

It offers personalized services and features to its clients belonging to sport and fitness businesses. The software ensures that users can schedule and manage their sessions and streamline every process to make the usage easy.

  1. Empower businesses

The software is capable of handling the needs of all size businesses, start-ups, small-scale, and large enterprises. Along with the easy and flexible registration option; it also offers scalability to launch new programs with seamless workflow management.

  1. Easy-on-pocket pricing options

Upper Hand’s club management software has the power to scale up for all size businesses, and thus, it offers pricing that is compatible with varied software requirements. Upper Hand has a pricing option for every business’s every demand – be it a single-session purchase option or a recurring payment plan.

  1. Different offering for different needs:

The Upper Hand software solution is adaptable for every need that a fitness and health business may demand. It has complete solutions for:


Top features of Upper Hand’s club management software:

 Apart from the exclusive range of services, Upper Hand also streamlines event creation, classes, and training sessions, and for this, it offers some of the finest below-listed features: 

Apart from these features, Upper Hand also offers a dedicated project manager who works along with the enterprise customers and assures that the complex work problems are managed wisely. Not only this, but Upper Hand also extends the following dynamic video analysis software tools, which eases the video capturing, organizing, and sharing process:


Upper Hand Pricing

As mentioned above, Upper Hand offers flexi-pricing options depending upon varied sports and fitness business needs.

The basic plan starts from $75 a month, and it offers exclusive Program & event management services. And as per the clients’ additional demands, they can choose from the other plans that best-fit their requirements. Further, Upper Hand also has classic pricing plans for Enterprise management for which one needs to reach out to the sales team by filling a form.


What users like about the Upper Hand software?

Many users have shared very optimistic reviews about Upper Hand software, and here is the unbiased hand-picked review summary about the software. Most of the users prefer the following things:

  • It is more than just software; it is a suite that helps businesses grow.
  • It has a fantastic video analysis tool that eases the lives of trainers and coaches.
  • It is very user-friendly, easy to use, and backed with a lot of exciting features.


Overall performance of Upper Hand at SoftwareWorld

After thoroughly examining Upper Hand software’s services and features, the research team at SoftwareWorld appraises the support it offers to the niche market, i.e., sports and fitness. Its robust features available at stellar prices makes it unique for all scale-businesses.

All said, the happy user reviews, remarkable social presence, first-rate services, and amazing service delivery rates set it apart from others in the Club management category.

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SoftwareWorld is a review and rating platform that helps businesses in making informed software investment decisions. The dedicated research analyst team at SoftwareWorld works on listing superlative software in various categories and awards them a score considering their actual client reviews, social presence, value-adding services, and features they offer.

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