Why We Built This: Introducing Client Profile Pages

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You asked, and we answered.

Introducing Client Profile Pages!

We’ve taken your feedback on this feature and developed a brand new experience for both you and your clients.

We understand how important it is to keep a strong pulse on your customers. Whether you’re managing their remaining sessions or accessing their schedule, having all client information in one place makes your job much more efficient. And, as a result, it empowers you to spend more time doing what you love.

You told us that you would love to have a direct, intuitive way to manage your clients’ accounts and take action. That’s why we’ve taken client profiles to the next level by expanding them into a full page view for both staff and clients.

Plus, we’ve added even more functionality to improve your day-to-day.

Think of small tasks, like changing a membership status and viewing order or credit pass details, becoming even more efficient while also putting additional ownership in the client’s hands (like paying down their own account balance).

Let’s take a little peak at what this feature has to offer:

Upper Hand client profile pages

Why We Built Client Profiles

Increased Staff Efficiency

“I need to be able to quickly locate information regarding a particular client’s transactional history. Right now, going through the various reports is time consuming and cumbersome.”

We understand that your time is extremely valuable. The more time you save on administrative tasks, the more time you can spend with your clients. That’s likely why you started your business in the first place, and why you’re using software to manage your day to day. Our new client profile pages will allow you to cut down on that time even further.

Client profiles centralize all client information, consolidating all actions relating to a client’s account. You and your staff can now view and take action on memberships, credits, orders, payment details, and general client information directly from their profile page.


Additional Client Ownership

“It would be great to see the number of credits someone has left and their purchase history. It would also be great if clients could see this information on their own as well.”

In addition to increased efficiency for your staff membership, client profiles also increase client ownership. Previously, client account navigation and action was limited, with clients relying on you to manage tasks like paying down balances or checking credit balances, allocation, and expiration. So, you wanted to increase client ownership to handle some of those small administrative tasks.

Clients now see an enhanced view of their client details and history through their client profile. And, even better, they are able to take action on their account. For example, clients are now able to pay down their own unpaid balances and clearly see all of the details of their account. This helps both you and your clients stay organized and get the most out of their experience with your business.


Enhanced Account Visibility

“I would love to see a list of transactions or orders within a client profile, specifically which transactions are owed. Currently, I have to bounce between a few reports, which takes a few more extra steps than necessary.”

Gone are the days where searching for client account details are in different locations within our software. Rather than bouncing between reports, you and your clients now have full visibility into the histories of a client, including sessions, orders, payment details, and memberships. This helps you centralize this information and, consequently, gain a deeper understanding of your clients and their behaviors.

Within the client profile page, you are able to view both past and present events and transactions, giving you deeper insights into a client’s purchasing behavior while also ensuring that your clients have a clear record of any sessions they have attended and scheduled.

Similarly, client profile pages help both you and your clients stay on top of their credits, for example what events they can be used towards, and when they will expire. This will be particularly helpful for clients as they look to schedule out their sessions, and maximize their time training at your business.

Read more about this feature update here.


The Product Feedback Process

Just as you listen and provide feedback to your clients, we are constantly listening to see how we can continue to improve your experience with our software. This requires all feedback channels to be open at all times. If you have any feedback for our team, here’s how you can take action:

Upper Hand Product Portal

Our Product Portal is a visual roadmap of all of our software features, from the “idea” stage to “launch” stage. Here, you can see all of the projects our team has on our radar, submit feature requests and ideas of your own, and upvote your favorite features. You can log in or create your account here.


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