In college, my now husband and I used to make a routine out of visiting the local Subway on Sundays ahead of the Colts game. It was a routine I always looked forward to. In a conversation a few weeks ago, we reflected on how this was a part of our routine, which caused me to immediately crave my regular sub.

So, just a few days later, I made my way over to my local Subway and ordered my regular – a six inch sub on wheat, turkey, ham, salami, American cheese, toasted, with a plethora of veggie toppings and jalapeño chips. It was magical. And even better, it took me right back to college.

This experience caused me to think… Subway became popular because they created a model of business for their customers that allows them to dictate the entire sandwich creation. They provide a sense of ownership with each visit, handing over the keys to creativity to build a sandwich that fits your cravings for that day. Why should anyone be pigeonholed into picking a sandwich that may not be their ideal selection that day? As humans, we love ownership and even more so, the ability to choose… So why should your sports business management software be any different?

At Upper Hand, we’ve implemented the Sub-way (no pun intended) for our customers. Our goal is to give you the tools you need to run your business successfully. Not tell you how to run your business.

We do this by providing flexibility across our entire software.


3 Ways Upper Hand provides flexibility for customers

1. Customizable memberships

Our customers can fully customize their memberships. And we mean from retail discounts, specific credit limits, event discounts and more. Mix and match or just include a few – it’s your choice.

Customize your memberships with Upper Hand


2. Payment plans

We give our customers the option to provide payment plans for their clients. The flexibility from this option not only takes the pressure off clients, it also grants the opportunity for more customers to come through the door.

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3. Flexible event types

We give you the basic categories, but allow you build events as you wish. Our fixed event types are primarily used for camps or clinics with the ability to enable single session purchase. Say your event is three days long, but a client can only come on one day. Single session purchase allows this type of flexibility for you and your clients.

flexible event creation with Upper Hand


I could go on and on, but I think you probably get the jist. Unlike other softwares, we are here to help you run your business, not tell you how to run it. We’d love to start a conversation.

Reach out to us today for an in depth demo of what you can expect when you choose Upper Hand.

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Keely Sustarsic
Keely Sustarsic
Keely is the Product Marketer at Upper Hand

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