3 Ways Upper Hand Enables Growth for Basketball Academies

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For many basketball academies and trainers, managing your business can be extremely time-consuming. Between training athletes, setting up events, running marketing, and more, admins frequently get stretched thin — not to mention, many academies typically use several different softwares to run their operations, leading staff to spend valuable time and resources facilitating communication and aggregating data between platforms. 

Upper Hand provides an all-in-one solution for basketball academies that streamlines business operations, allowing you to spend more time focusing on providing professional-level instruction to your athletes while ultimately scaling your revenue and client base. Here are just a few of the ways Upper Hand’s basketball scheduling software enables growth for basketball trainers:

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3 Ways Upper Hand Enables Growth for Basketball Trainers and Academies

1. Upper Hand simplifies the athlete registration process

An overarching goal for many basketball academies is to make it incredibly easy for clients to sign up for programs either online or in the app. Upper Hand facilitates this simplified athlete registration process and allows your players or their parents to book lessons, camps, and events through your website or app, effortlessly. Simplified registration processes relate directly to client base growth by eliminating the back and forth texts, emails, and calls that act as barriers to client bookings. Plus, the online registration process gets rid of your admins’ need to manually track roosters, attendance sheets, and client sessions within spreadsheets. 

“Upper Hand has allowed us to automate and streamline our registration process for EYG basketball which creates more time for us to focus on providing world class training to our clients. Not only does Upper Hand provide us with a high quality, easy to use software, but the customer service provided on a daily basis is quick, efficient, and super friendly.” – Galen Harkness, Founder + Owner, EYG Basketball

2. Upper Hand makes it easy to accept and track payments

Simply put, Upper Hand makes it incredibly easy and convenient for you to track your athlete’s payments, from anywhere. This allows you to spend less time in spreadsheets, and more time focusing on growing your business. Online payment tools and advanced financial reports combine to give basketball trainers and academies a full view of outstanding payments and balances in real time, offering you a real-time look into the overall fiscal health of your business. 

“As a small basketball organization, Upper Hand has provided a platform for our clients to register for our training online, as well as schedule their sessions and keep track of their payments. As a result, we have become more organized in tracking the payments we receive. We have also been able to build a database of clients and can streamline our communication with them through the software.” – Sarah Allen, Blue Collar Basketball

3. Upper Hand streamlines client communication

Yet another way Upper Hand helps grow basketball training academies is through streamlined client communication. Businesses can build their book of business with easy-to-use marketing and contact management tools while eliminating the need for costly third-party marketing email platforms. Communication tools within Upper Hand’s platform enable staff to send auto-reminders for upcoming events and reshedules, and allow admins to easily manage contacts within the software rather than in hard-to-use spreadsheets.  

“Great product!  It allows you to set things up and get it out to the public in minutes.  Your clients have the convenience of registering at any place and on any device.” -Ronnie Grandison, Managing Member of RG Basketball Academy


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