3 Ways Soccer Scheduling Software Enables Growth for Soccer Academies

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Managing a growing soccer training academy can be time consuming.

Between setting up events, marketing programs, managing registrations and payments, and more, coaches and admins have a lot on their plate. And, they often find that they have little time to actually spend doing what they love – developing programming and coaching their athletes. Not to mention, many academies use a number of different tools to run their business, causing staff to spend time bouncing around between various platforms to find the information they need.

If we had to guess, we’d say training athletes is the best part of your day. At Upper Hand, our goal (no pun intended) is to make that your priority. Our soccer club registration software streamlines business processes, ensuring that you can spend more time delivering professional-level training to your athletes, while consequently scaling your clientele and revenue.

Here are a few of the ways Upper Hand’s soccer scheduling software enables growth for soccer trainers and coaches:


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3 ways soccer scheduling software will grow your business


1. Simplify the athlete registration process

One goal we see across many soccer training academies is to make it easy for athletes to sign up for programs and sessions. Upper Hand simplifies the athlete registration process by allowing your athletes – or their parents – to book lessons, clinics, camps, or other events through the website or mobile app. By eliminating back-and-forth texts, phone calls, or emails, you are able to reduce barriers to client booking, thus facilitating client base growth. Additionally, by taking registration online, you eliminate the need to manually track rosters, attendance sheets, or client sessions.

Camp registration saved us valuable time and money. The software and schedule are both easy to navigate internally and the feedback we received from the customer’s side has only been positive.

– George Nahorski, Owner, Striker Elite Soccer


2. Easily accept and track payments

In addition to easy scheduling, Upper Hand’s soccer club management software also makes it easy and convenient to stay on top of your hard-earned revenue. This allows you to spend less time tracking down missing payments, avoid awkward conversations about money, and spend more time on growing your business and talking about an athlete’s development. Between online payment tools and advanced financial reports, you are able to see a full view of your payments and balances in real time, giving you a look into the overall health of your business.

My larger clinics run so much smoother when I can have all of my clients pay ahead of time rather than collecting fees at the clinic. Also, the customization of events is incredibly useful.

– Taila Schluter, Owner, Maximum Technique Soccer Academy


3. Streamline client communication

Another way to grow your soccer training academy is through communication with your client database. Upper Hand makes this easy by enabling you and your staff to send auto-reminders for upcoming events, as well as market a new program to your contacts. For example, if you previously ran a spring clinic, you can send a marketing email to that event roster inviting them to register for your fall clinic. Similarly, you can easily send a message to one contact, or a group of contacts, to share reminders such as “remember to bring a water bottle and your cleats to camp today!” By eliminating third-party marketing email platforms or spreadsheets, you’re able to easily manage your contacts within the soccer scheduling software.

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“Upper Hand has really helped Modern Goalkeeper Training Systems grow, tripling in the last year. By having a way to keep track of my community of players, we are able to get in contact easier, which in turn, keeps our clients abreast of all our different training offerings.”

– John Plaugic, Owner, Modern Goalkeeper Training Systems


Ready to implement a soccer scheduling software at your academy?

Soccer scheduling software can help you streamline and simplify your business tasks, so that you’re able to spend your time working with your athletes. Soccer training academies of all sizes can benefit from using a soccer club registration software to automate manual tasks like scheduling, roster management, or payments. Additionally, it can provide an easy, accessible way for your athletes and their parents to register and pay for various sessions, wherever their day may take them. If you’re interested in learning more about how Upper Hand will fit into your business model, connect with us!


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