6 Things You Won’t Be Doing With Upper Hand

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Upper Hand is solely dedicated to providing solutions that help sports and fitness businesses win. You can do a lot with our software–but here are just a few things you won’t be doing.  


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What You Won’t Be Doing With Upper Hand


Double Booking Staff and Resources

Enough of double-booking! We understand the importance of True Availability, and know the problems that arise when staff or resources are double-booked. With Upper Hand, you can add staff members to your program based on their availability and select whether clients can book with an individual staff member or have one assigned based on availability. Plus, tie resources to your program to automatically block them out once booked.

Upper Hand Onboarding Specialist Lauren Brandstatter works to empower our customers every day, and says “Our resource and staff double booking prevention is what sets our system apart from others. It truly gives customers a sense of security. As a business owner or staff member you should be able to trust in your software to take your business to the next level and alleviate manual stresses you once had. That is what this feature can do. It can truly save time, headaches and stress that most people come to us with. With resource management, know that your facility and staff members will have simple, yet effective schedule management. It is a real game changer in this industry and brings me happiness when I see how excited a new customer gets about how much it will save them.”

Manually calculating staff payroll.

Make manually running your payroll a thing of the past! With Upper Hand, you’ll finally be able to customize your staff’s availability and add them to programs to track payroll and allow clients to schedule with them when available. Plus, create time tracking tasks for your staff when clocking-in and track their hours for payroll purposes. 

We understand the importance of utilizing customizable payroll options, so we built innovative features which allow admins to assign payroll rates to staff that are configured to specific programs. Choose to calculate payroll based on the percentage of revenue generated from the event, a flat rate, sessions booked, and more, and assign hourly rates to employees and calculate payroll based on hours worked over a time period. View payroll entries over pay periods for each staff and drill down on clock-in tasks, events and sessions worked, client bookings, and more.

Sending reminders for past due balances.

Danielle McNally, Head of Support, says “Talking money can be awkward, especially when a client owes you money and you want to make sure they know you care about them as a person and not just what’s in their wallet but also want to recoup what’s owed! This is why we have automated past due balance notifications that send out to your client preventing you from having to contact them about it. These notifications inform your clients of the amount that is owed and also how they can pay it. Our goal is to make running your business easier and this is one simple feature that takes some work off your plate!”

Checking multiple staff and resource calendars.

Don’t let outdated software get in the way of visualizing your business’ operations! Using our proprietary calendar, overlay any combination of your staff and resource availability for quick insight into what’s available. Save your views for later use and let your staff set their default. 

Easily reschedule a client’s booked session or reassign the booked resource and staff right from the calendar. Double-click the desired time slot from the calendar and choose the client, your resource(s) and staff, and the program being booked. Choose their payment option – from a card on file, cash or check, or Pay Later. Track attendance and check-in clients right from the calendar.

Fielding client scheduling complaints.

Finally – a premium online experience members will thank you for. Empower your clients to schedule their events on your website or app seamlessly, without the friction and frustration that comes with using other business management solutions. 

Create tailored memberships, set up packages, and schedule out classes that your clients can book, and optionally add retail inventory so members can purchase the latest gear and sign-up in the same intuitive workflow.

“Integrating Upper Hand into our business infrastructure has completely transformed the way Special Teams Football Academy operates. The customizable, online registration has simplified the process on our end and provided a positive experience for our clients, which has helped build our brand tremendously.” says Upper Hand customer Chris Husby, Founder and Owner of Special Teams Football Academy.

Using multiple tools to run your business.

There are many problems that stem from using multiple tools to run your business, and one of the biggest ones we see is that it creates a dangerous data disconnect which results in inaccurate and often missing client and revenue information. This makes it impossible to gain true insight into relevant data that helps your business scale for growth. 

Lance VanWinter, General Manager of Arrington Training & Development says “Prior to purchasing and implementing Upper Hand, we were driven by Google Sheets and Docs, and tracking of attendance and billing were manual and extremely time consuming. We often did not have accurate records of clients and team rosters. Upper Hand literally handles everything our organization needs. We have created many events of different types, and all have gone smoothly. We have our players from our teams and implemented the prorated billing. Our customers are thrilled with the new system.”

Upper Hand combines scheduling, registrations, payroll, staff management, payroll, and more into one platform, allowing you to generate eye-opening reports and gain insights that will empower your business for growth.

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