4 Things Sports Teach Us About Business Ownership

Learn 4 lessons that sports teach us about business ownership, as discussed by Kevin MacCauley, Founder of Upper Hand. Just as a coach identifies potential cracks in the game plan and makes necessary adjustments to end up on top, a business leader must foresee bottlenecks, and try to fix them, before they happen.

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How to Showcase the Value of Your Offerings Through Data

Learn how you can leverage data and analytics to showcase the value of your business offerings to your clients. Parents spend thousands of dollars on youth sports and fitness every year. But, how can they objectively tell their athletes are getting any better? We operate in an industry where there is no clear-cut way to evaluate athletes or define success. Yet, results are what athletes expect from training programs. Results keep clients coming back.

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Data is the future of the industry. And it’s already here.

Learn how Upper Hand views competition, and how we are leveraging data to help our customers make smarter business decisions. At Upper Hand, we’ve talked a lot about how digital fitness and technology has challenged the businesses we serve. But, when it comes to running a studio, gym, or academy, AI is also beginning to take on a larger role within business operations.

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How to Use Data to Drive Decision Making (and Why It Matters)

The more you know about your customers, competitors, and industry, the more confident you can be in making decisions that lead to growth. From identifying changes in the market to developing a long-term business strategy, here are three ways you can use data today to drive innovation at your business.

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Kevin MacCauley Built on Purpose

Podcast Recap: Upper Hand – Built on Purpose

Last week, Upper Hand Founder and CEO Kevin MacCauley sat down with Max Hansen from Y Scouts on the Built on Purpose Podcast. In this episode, Kevin discussed how he built a company with a mission that matters. He also revealed how Upper Hand has grown into the business it is today, highlighting both his proudest moments leading the team and how Upper Hand will continue to challenge the status quo.

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Kevin MacCauley Podcast

Podcast Recap: Integrating Sports Facility Software Into Your Business

Founder and CEO Kevin MacCauley recently sat down with Jason Scott of Athletic Business to discuss the importance of software in sports and fitness businesses, and how tools like Upper Hand can help minimize the tedious administrative work, allowing businesses to focus on creating value for their clients. Kevin highlights how software can optimize your business operations, increase member satisfaction, and inform smarter business decisions, giving your business the upper hand.

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Upper Hand Software

Circle City Success Podcast ft. Kevin MacCauley with Upper Hand

Kevin MacCauley is the Founder & CEO of Upper Hand which is a software that helps to streamline all aspects of business operations in sports and fitness. He recognized a need for a scheduling software when he was coaching Little League and he used the skills he learned in previous jobs to grow the company to much more than just scheduling and to winning many tech awards in Indy. In this episode, you’ll hear Kevin tell us about the progression of his career and how a lot of his success relates back to the first job he had out of college and the skills he learned there, his love for books and learning and a ton of great book suggestions he has for us, and his company Upper Hand and how it’s evolved to what it is today.

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Tom Morris IU Strength

Podcast Ep. 50 | Tom Morris, IU Strength: Make Today Better than Yesterday

Tom Morris, a fitness junkie, is the Director of Athletic Performance at Indiana University, where he develops strength and conditioning programs for IU’s 24 men’s and women’s teams. However, in May of 2012, Tom broke his neck in a mountain biking accident that left him paralyzed from the waist down. We dive into Tom’s story, his road to recovery, and how to make today better than yesterday.

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