Introducing Membership Analytics by Upper Hand

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Gain Unparalleled Visibility into your Recurring Revenue Streams


Data. It’s the most objective way to make decisions, shaping and fueling the context around our questions.

How are my various memberships performing? Where are most new members coming from? What promotions should I run next month?

The answers to these questions lie in numbers. As the saying goes, “data doesn’t lie”. Data can tell you which business activities are performing best, which to focus on, and so much more.

But what if the data you currently have tells an incomplete – or potentially misleading – story?

Inside their reports, other sports and fitness software platforms only display raw membership data. They show metrics like total new, active, suspended, and cancelled contracts…without revealing the factors that contribute to those numbers.

Membership Reports from Mindbody and EZ Facility
Real membership reports from Mindbody and EZ Facility display only raw membership data


Without the ability to drill down into member churn, cost of cancellations, and other member-related metrics, staff and admins are left to spend hours manually calculating MRR, ARR, and member churn data.

And the worst part? Their reports lack visibility into projected member earnings, leaving businesses wondering what the future of their membership revenue holds.

That’s a problem.

But there’s a better way. That’s where Upper Hand comes in.


Introducing Membership Analytics by Upper Hand


With all-new Membership Analytics, Staff Admins can finally understand the specific factors that contribute to changes in recurring revenue. And with accurate forecasts that project recurring revenue months in advance, they can make data-backed decisions that help their business hit and exceed sales and retention goals.

Let’s break that down. Here’s what you’ll do with Membership Analytics:


Forecast Revenue Trajectory

We’re taking it all the way back to the ‘90’s with this Full House reference: “What ever happened to predictability?”

With Membership Analytics, recurring revenue models allow you to visualize revenue forecasts, so you can see and plan for the future. How?

An interactive graph gives you a full history of your recurring revenue, alongside a prediction of the future of your recurring revenue.

That means, based on upcoming suspensions or cancellations, you can spot future changes to key metrics like MRR and member count, and prepare ahead of time for what’s to come.

You’ll see all of this with just a glance.


Gain Deep Member Insights

Other software platforms give you just the raw data. But that’s not enough.

Membership Analytics goes beyond just displaying numbers, so you can dig into the factors that contribute to changes in membership revenue.

It allows you to drill down into key metrics to see, at a glance, the complete story of your memberships. You can check out things like lists of new or churned members over specific time periods, compare the health of your various membership offerings, and so much more.

It’s like truth serum for your recurring revenue, revealing the “why” behind your past and future earnings.


Make Better Decisions

To put it simply, with Membership Analytics, you’ll make better decisions.

Here’s how it works.

By combining member insights with accurate revenue forecasts, you get a really clear picture of the health of your recurring revenue.

At-a-glance trend projections will indicate periods where your revenue will ebb and flow, prompting you to run targeted promotions or campaigns to help reach MRR goals.

Plus, the health of your various membership types can be compared over time, so you can determine which offerings should be optimized or consolidated.

Lists of new, suspended, and churned members can also be exported to easily create contact groups you can then use for retargeting campaigns.

Simply put, Membership Analytics empowers you with the data you need to make better decisions.


What’s Next?

Want to see how Membership Analytics can help you empower accelerated membership and bottom-line growth?

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