New Client Profiles, Membership Updates, and More

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Can you believe we only have one month left until the end of the year?! Us either. With that being said, we are working to get as many features and updates out the door as we can! In this November lineup, you’ll see updates to membership commitment lengths, UI enhancements, and all new client profile pages.

Let’s take a look!


What’s New at Upper Hand:

All-New Client Profile Pages!

ICYMI: We are thrilled to announce all new client profile pages! These client profile page update offers a seamless experience when performing client related actions in the software.

By consolidating actions in one place, staff are sure to increase efficiency in their day-to-day tasks. In addition, this update gives clients more ownership by giving them access to pay down their unpaid account balances without engaging with a staff member. Read more about this feature update here.

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Membership Commitment Length

When creating a membership, you can now set an expiration by enforcing a commitment length at the time of sign up. This means if you have a three month commitment, that membership will expire after those three months. Previously, membership commitments were only visual. So, this update will allow for much less manual tracking when it comes to fixed-length memberships, empowering you to spend more time with your clients!

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Membership Pagination

Now, you can click through pages of your memberships versus scrolling. This update also provides you with the ability to create more than 50 memberships!


APEX Video Analysis Feature Updates:

User Experience Update when Sharing/Tagging/Editing

This update contained user interface changes to make sharing, tagging, and editing actions easier to find and perform.

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Select Videos UX/UI updates

We’ve also updated the user experience to make it easier to see that you can “select all” in the create review phase.


Updated Search Functionality

When searching, whatever is searched is highlighted in the video cell to show clearly what was searched is being populated below.


Do you have questions about the features in our latest round of updates? Let us know at [email protected]!

To see a live demo of Upper Hand in action, click here to schedule a time!


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