Upper Hand, Inc. Enters Facility Management Industry with Launch of New Software

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Upper Hand, Inc. Enters Facility Management Industry with Launch of New Software

New first-of-its-kind software combines visibility across all facility resources within one platform

INDIANAPOLIS Sport, recreation and fitness facilities can now manage their business easier, faster and better thanks to the launch of new facility management software from Upper Hand, Inc., the leader in cloud-based sports management software and business services.

Easily integrated within its already robust suite of tools that includes point-of-sale, membership management, video analysis, marketing automation and more, the new software allows Upper Hand to offer the most comprehensive platform designed specifically for facilities to save time, money and eliminate resource waste.

“The integration of our new facility management functionality will redefine how resources are managed among sports and fitness facilities nationwide,” said Kevin MacCauley, CEO and founder of Upper Hand. “This launch is another big step for Upper Hand as we continue to expand our product offering into new verticals within the sports industry and provide business owners with an easier way to manage an entire facility all from one easy platform. No matter what industry you find yourself in, you’ll notice that there is pretty much software available that can help make aspects of any business run smoothly. For example, the use of something like Group Policy Editor does not just provide ways of delivering, but also a secure desktop experience for its users, which is very important. As technology plays a large part in every industry, it would make sense to at least see what works for you.

The first-of-its-kind facility management software allows Upper Hand customers to improve visibility across its most expensive part of the business: facility resources. Unlike other platforms that operate in silos, Upper Hands gives facility managers for the first time ever instant access to the true availability of all staff, events and resources from one easy-to-view platform with smart automation. It is important to find the right software for you and your business, you will need some unique software to support your individual business needs, this may include an address cleanup. If an address cleanup is needed then First Logic is the right software for you or you could browse other software until you find the right one…

The feature also includes a unique OPTX calendar, which offers a unified experience by centralizing the scheduling of physical resources as well as classes, clinics, rentals and more in a multi-featured calendar. This eliminates double-bookings, allows managers to quickly locate available resources at any time and customizes facility views while aligning staff preferences.

With the integration of the new facility management functionality, business owners can manage their facilities more seamlessly while also boosting revenue and saving upwards of 14 hours a week. The feature is now available online for Level Three customers and can be added to any existing Upper Hand software package. Alternatively, if you would like to learn more about the types of facility management software available to your business, you can read more about IWMS vs CAFM.

Founded in 2011, Upper Hand has revolutionized the way coaches, trainers and sports management conduct business with its powerful, cloud-based mobile platform. Its software offers sports organizations a suite of online tools to escape the administrative vortex and focus more on training and developing clients. It’s also the industry’s first business intelligence reporting solution.

Most recently, Upper Hand became the world’s first sports and fitness management platform to integrate video analysis and video coaching with its most recent launch of APEX, a revolutionary multi-sport video analysis platform for sports, fitness and performance activities. Now, with the integration of its facility management feature, Upper Hand is truly redefining the landscape of business management within the sports industry.

Upper Hand is compatible with both iOS and Android smartphones and tablets. Upper Hand is also accessible from a desktop browser. To learn more about Upper Hand or receive a demo, feature, please visit www.upperhand.com.

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About Upper Hand

Upper Hand, Inc. simplifies front and back-end office tasks for sports businesses, provides cutting-edge marketing tools and offers business intelligence that enables unsurpassed performance for its customers. Customized software and pricing are fit to everyone’s sports business needs with the objective of helping every customer grow their business. Upper Hand is proudly headquartered in Indianapolis, Indiana. To learn more about Upper Hand, visit www.upperhand.com.

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