Innovation Issue: Upper Hand Product Update January 2024

New year, new updates to the Upper Hand app.

Our team has been off to a fast start in 2024, and we’re so excited about the updates we have planned for this year. At Upper Hand, innovation is in our DNA. Our team has hit the ground running, fueled by a shared enthusiasm and a clear vision for the future of our technology.

To help us kick off the new year, here’s a look back at some of the big changes our software saw in January. Let’s dive in to our first Upper Hand product update of 2024!


Upper Hand Product Update: January 2024

Up your Marketing Email Game

Our new marketing email capabilities give you even more flexibility to send vibrant and engaging marketing emails inside the Upper Hand software. Highlight important elements with bold or colored text, and easily include images or links to invite them to take action. And, preview these messages before you hit “Send.”

There are many benefits of designing engaging emails, such as improving open rates, enhancing the recipient’s experience, and significantly increasing click-through rates. Engaging emails can capture the reader’s attention from the first glance, making them more likely to read through your message and take the desired action. Furthermore, personalized and visually appealing emails build a stronger connection with your audience, fostering loyalty and encouraging repeat business. By leveraging these advanced features, you can create emails that not only inform but also delight your subscribers, setting your campaigns apart in a crowded inbox.


Track the reasons for membership cancellations

Inevitably, you will have some members that need to cancel their membership. Perhaps they are moving out of town, maybe their goals don’t align with that membership’s benefits, or, maybe they are looking to upgrade their membership to a different offering.

You can now select a reason for why a client is canceling their membership, and add any additional notes regarding the cancellation reason. This makes it easier for you to gain insights and identify trends for why clients are canceling their memberships, and take any necessary corrective action to prevent additional cancellations.

For example, if you have a number of clients cancel their membership because the offerings don’t align with their goals and purchasing behaviors, then this might be an indicator that it’s time to reevaluate your membership offerings so that they best meet the needs of your target clientele.


Make changes to your supporting staff

We’ve also made it easier for you to manage your team of staff, with two new updates that can happen in just a few clicks.


Invite other admins to your account

You are now able to invite other admins to your account! This eliminates the need for Staff Admins to file a support ticket, empowering you to give everyone on your team the appropriate level of access to seamlessly run your business through the app.


Edit user levels at any time

Speaking of account user levels, Admins can now also edit a staff member’s user level from the Contacts tab. This makes it easier for you to ensure your team all has the appropriate permissions. Once an update is made, the updated permissions will be reflected when that staff member next logs in.


Client Event Protection

Much like you can “protect your trip” when you book a flight, clients can now opt to protect the purchase of a camp, clinic, or other fixed schedule event.

During the checkout process, clients can opt into EventGuard insurance. At checkout, this small fee gets added to their total amount and sent to the insurance company. To see if a client has opted into insurance, you can check the Order Drawer.

When a client opts into the insurance and subsequently gets injured or sick, preventing them from attending the camp, you are not required to issue a refund through the Upper Hand app. Instead, the client will directly engage with the insurance company to secure reimbursement. And, your business won’t miss out on that revenue!


Like what you see?

If you’d like to take a look at these features in more depth, request a demo with a member of our team. Already an Upper Hand customer? These features are already live and in your account. Log in to get started!

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