3 Ways Hockey Registration Software Enables Growth for Hockey Academies

hockey registration software

Running a growing hockey training academy is a very rewarding, yet time-consuming venture. From organizing your programs, managing registrations, collecting team payments, and marketing your offerings, you’ve got a lot on your plate. And, at the end of the day, you might find that you have very little time left for what you’re truly passionate about – coaching and developing young hockey stars. And, to make matters worse, managing multiple tools and platforms to run different elements of your business is stressful, overwhelming, and frustrating.

This is a story we hear all too often.

At Upper Hand, our mission is to give you back time and energy to focus on what matters most – training your athletes. Our hockey registration software streamlines all aspects of running your hockey training business, allowing you to prioritize providing top-quality training to your athletes while also expanding your revenue and customer base.

Here are a few of the ways Upper Hand’s hockey registration software enables growth for hockey coaches and skills trainers:

If you’re interested in learning more about how Upper Hand can work for your hockey training academy, we’d love to give you a personalized walkthrough. Schedule a demo today!


3 Ways Hockey Registration Software Can Give your Business the Upper Hand

1. Streamline athlete registrations

First impressions are everything. And they’re irreversible. Oftentimes, for athletes and their parents, their first experience with your brand is through the athlete registration process. So, how can you make sure you deliver a positive one? At Upper Hand, we understand the importance of making the athlete registration process seamless for hockey academies. Our sports facility booking app simplifies registration through offering a convenient way for athletes and their parents to book programs such as lessons, clinics, camps, and more. Easy registration means less back-and-forth communication, and as a result more efficiency. This leads to an increase in clientele and improved brand loyalty. Furthermore, taking athlete registration online eliminates the need for manual roster and attendance tracking, making your life much easier.


“The registration process should almost run itself. If no one has to contact me or anyone from my team to talk about any of that process, then it’s doing what it’s supposed to do. Rarely will a parent reach out to me regarding the Upper Hand software. And, if they do contact support, it gets handled for them.”
– Mike Radja, Owner, SpeedSkills Hockey


2. Manage your money

Not only can Upper Hand’s hockey registration software help improve efficiency of registration; it also makes it easy for you to stay on top of your finances. From managing payments for lessons to collecting team payments, Upper Hand ensures that you stay on top of your hard-earned revenue. This allows you to spend less time tracking down missing payments or having awkward conversations about money, and more time growing your athletes and your brand.

In addition to managing the revenue you have coming into your hockey academy, a sports software is also an essential tool when it comes to managing money that is going out – managing a staff of coaches and instructors. Between online payment tools and advanced financial reports, you are able to see a full view of your payments and balances in real time, giving you a look into the overall health of your business.


“Upper Hand allows me to not be a “money collector” at my training sessions. I also like the reports. They are becoming more and more useful.”
– Barry Thompson, Owner, Fairfax Football Academy


3. Market your programs

Another way to grow your hockey training academy is through consistent communication between you and your athletes/ parents. Upper Hand streamlines this communication by enabling you and your staff members to connect with your clients. Through Upper Hand’s youth sports management software, you can generate auto-reminders for upcoming events. And, you can disseminate important event details to a particular event roster. For example, you may set an appointment reminder email to send 24 hours prior to a scheduled lesson. Or, you may opt to send a marketing email to your clinic roster as a “Reminder to bring your skates and hockey stick to camp tomorrow! Can’t wait to see you at 10:00am on the ice!”

You can also use Upper Hand’s contact marketing to send a targeted email to your client database, encouraging them to sign up for upcoming programs or events. You can look at your prior event rosters, for example, to see who attended last season’s clinic and send them a link to this season’s event. This helps you stay top of mind amongst your athletes and easily manage your database of contacts within the hockey registration software.

“Upper Hand has been user-friendly in its ease of use and organization. It has really streamlined our business and helped us take the next step in our growth. We appreciate how they are always adding new features to expand their software.”
– Freddy Meyer, Owner, Dream Big Hockey Stars


Ready to gain the upper hand with hockey registration software?

Hockey training academies of all sizes can benefit from using a hockey registration software to simplify and streamline their business operations. From automating manual tasks like scheduling and registration for camps and clinics, to collecting team payments, to managing staff, and more, you can devote more time to working with your hockey athletes. Sports scheduling software like Upper Hand is accessible and user-friendly for athletes and parents, allowing them to register and pay for sessions with ease.


At Upper Hand, we understand the unique needs of hockey training academies and can help you incorporate sports software into your business model. Connect with a member of our team today to get a personalized walkthrough of our software to see how it can work for your business!


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