5 Ways Upper Hand Sets The Bar Against EZFacility

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In the space of managing facilities, programs and the ever-evolving needs of clients, having the right management software can make all the difference. This is where Upper Hand steps in, not just as a solution but as a game-changer that redefines your and your client’s work experience. Let’s dive into the 5 ways Upper Hand differs from EZFacility, raising the bar for seamless management and client satisfaction.


1. Unified approach to client management

Upper Hand makes it easy for your clients to manage their entire family within one account. Upper Hand’s sports management platform gives you the capacity to manage multiple user accounts under a single login,  bringing a new level of convenience for families with multiple athletes. With Upper Hand, the days of juggling between separate logins for each athlete are over. This streamlined approach ensures that managing profiles is a breeze, enhancing the experience for families and clients.


2. Accessibility on-the-go

We live in a world that thrives on mobility, and Upper Hand, with its dedicated mobile app, is taking the lead in this digital world. EZFacility’s desktop-only interface is not always feasible, especially for coaches and trainers who are constantly on-the-go. Upper Hand empowers both you and your clients to manage schedules any-time, anywhere. Whether you’re at your facility, on the field, or even on the move, you have the control you need right at your fingertips.


3. Elevated client booking experience

A disjointed booking experience can frustrate both clients and business owners. A poor client booking experience could result in double-booked schedules, missed appointments, or clients taking their business elsewhere. This means a straight-up loss of revenue. Upper Hand understands your concerns and sets the stage for simplicity by offering an intuitive interface that enhances the booking experience for your clients and streamlines your operations. 


4. Upper Hand is a true partner in growth

One thing you need to understand for your business to thrive is that support is more than just solving problems. It’s also about growth and partnership. Upper Hand goes beyond the basics, offering a robust knowledge base and resources for to help give your business a competitive edge. The Playbook is Upper Hand’s blog of tips and best practices to get the most out of your business. As you make the switch to Upper Hand, you’ll gain access to Upper Hand University (UHU), Upper Hand’s online course-based learning platform, to get you up and running in a breeze. Here, you get tools that empower you to make the most of the software’s features and pave your path to success.


5. Transparent pricing

When it comes to pricing, Upper Hand brings clarity and empowerment. Upper Hand offers a single price that includes all the features; yes, all of them. EZFacility’s tiered pricing model becomes more complex, making it harder or more expensive to attain the functionality you need. Say goodbye to budget limitations with Upper Hand and hello to the freedom to run your business, your way.


What’s next

The distinction between Upper Hand and EZFacility isn’t just about comparison; it’s about partnership and commitment. Upper Hand’s commitment to providing you with a seamless experience paints a picture of a platform that doesn’t just manage your business but also transforms it. It’s time to embrace a new era of management with the help of Upper Hand; are you ready for it?

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