In addition to tearing down those holiday decorations and focusing on this year’s resolutions, Upper Hand customers can head into 2020 enjoying many new features. In this January lineup you’ll find even more flexibility when creating new programs with the addition of classes and credit passes. Not only that, we’ve been hard at work on revamping the client experience with a brand new browse events view and better notifications. 

Find all of our new features and details below!

January 2020 Product Update

In this release:

New Event Type: Classes

We are thrilled to announce the addition of Classes – a brand new event type that allows you to create and update schedules for individual staff and resources on the fly without creating an entirely new program. This means you can create one event and update the schedule as needed – setting schedules weekly, monthly, or even up to a year in advance!

The new Classes event type is perfect for ongoing programs where staff and/or resources may differ depending on the day of the week or time of the day.

Credit Passes

With Classes we’re also introducing Credit Passes! Credit Passes are non-recurring packages of credits that clients purchase to book classes and other designated events. When creating a credit pass, you’re able to customize them to fit nearly any use case:

  • Choose which classes and events clients can book with a specific pass
  • The price and quantity of credits (including unlimited)
  • Optional expiration parameters including number of days from purchase, number of dates from first use, or a set date

While credit passes give you the flexility to create things like a 1-month unlimited pass, they also help simplify your clients’ purchasing decisions by giving them access to multiple programs within a single package.

New Client Browse Events "Week" View

In our effort to continually improve the client experience, we have launched an entirely new view for your clients! The new Week View drastically simplifies the purchasing, booking, and checkout experience with fewer steps, more filters, and a better organization of events. Clients are able to switch between the List and Week views within the app.

browse events gif
List vs Week views.

And the stats don’t lie. Since going live, checkouts using the new view have seen:

  • a Net Promoter Score (NPS) of over 60
  • an increased conversion rate of 103%
  • a 30-second decrease from the time clients land on the browse events page to checkout
Clients can easily reserve class spots within the new view.

Reminder Notifications

Another highly requested feature has been launched – reminder notifications! You now have the ability to enable email and text message notifications, giving clients and staff a friendly reminder of upcoming sessions. Clients are able to adjust their notification preferences in their account settings.

email and sms reminders

Client Email Preferences

Want to customize the messages your clients receive? You now have the ability to set preferences on more than 15 automated client email communications sent through Upper Hand! This includes emails such as reschedule notifications, scheduled payment reminders, waitlist invites, and more!

Resend Email Transaction Receipts

Have you ever wanted to remind your clients of how much money they spent at your business? Well, now you can!

Staff admins are now able to re-send email receipts from the transaction report. The receipt will also go to the staff admin, but we are collecting feedback over the next few weeks to see if staff admins would like to continue to receive these emails.

Admins can resend transaction receipts
Admins can resend transaction receipt emails via the transaction report

Staff Member Refund Access

Ever needed to refund a client, but you had to wait on the boss to continue? With this update we are eliminating that delay and giving the option for staff members to issue refunds!

Previously only Staff Admins were allowed this capability, but due to your feedback we have now given all staff members on the enterprise level access to refund clients.

Do you have questions about the features in our latest round of updates? Let us know at! 

To see a live demo of Upper Hand in action, click here to schedule a time!

Courtney Kerr
Courtney Kerr
Courtney serves as Marketing Manager at Upper Hand.

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