Key Lessons for Sports & Fitness Staff Empowerment

Fitness staff empowerment

Enable Independence

Empowerment and independence go hand in hand for employees of sports and fitness facilities. In order for your trainers, teachers, and staff to develop into empowered and capable leaders, they need to feel like they have the skills, insights, and abilities to make decisions that will benefit your business.

Thoroughly Train Fitness Staff

A critical way you can help your staff become independent is to train them thoroughly so they feel confident in performing the necessary responsibilities of their respective jobs. While your personal trainers or exercise instructors likely have experience from in-depth teacher training or schooling, your front-desk staff may not have a background in fitness at all. Focus on spending time making sure that your staff knows the ins-and-outs of your operations software and can handle most daily administrative tasks before their first shift.

Ensure that more experienced staff is with them to field questions for their first few shifts after they’ve been trained on your systems and they’ll quickly catch on. Establish trust, and make certain your new fitness staff feels comfortable asking questions to you or other leaders. Allowing easy two-way communication is key to employee empowerment.

Demonstrate Trust

As David Grossman says, “Trust must be earned. It comes from a conscious effort to walk your talk, keep your promises, and align your behavior with your values. Building trust is worth the effort because once trust is lost, it can be very difficult to recover.” In order to empower your staff to become independent, you have to demonstrate that they have your trust.

Fitness staff empowerment

Support Growth

To truly empower your employees, make it a priority to support the growth of individuals within your business. By investing in reliable programs that help develop and engage your staff, you will enable them to find more purpose and empowerment at work.

Provide Growth Paths

Do you have a front-desk manager who dreams of becoming a certified instructor? Or an instructor who aspires to join management? If it makes sense for your business, think about ways you can provide growth paths to your employees who want to expand their roles within your business.

Offer Workshops and Additional Training

For fitness and sports instructors and trainers, staying at the top of their game is critical, and there are always new tricks to learn. Countless sport and class-specific workshops happen all over the country, so consider offering your instructors the opportunity to attend. Attending additional training will both grow their skill set and enable them to become more confident, invigorated, and empowered teachers as a result–it’s a win win!

Challenge Them With Attainable Goals

A key way you can empower your sports and fitness staff is giving them challenging but attainable goals. By working alongside your staff to define understandable and relevant goals, they can show their competitive side and willingness to work to meet their targets. Hopefully you’ll find that when your staff works hard to meet their objectives they increase their know-how and have fun doing so. 

When your sports staff or fitness instructors meet their goals, they will be more empowered to hit their next targets. For sports and fitness staff empowerment, challenges are a must.

Implement Systems That Enhance Their Work Experience

While there are dozens of ways you can empower your employees, one of the most important ways is to make sure that your business’ systems and tools help–not hinder–the way they do their daily tasks. If you’ve fielded complaints from your staff about the way your current systems and software affects how they handle daily administrative duties, that’s a dangerous sign for your work environment. 

Focus on finding a solution that empowers employees by making their daily tasks more user-friendly and giving them more time back in their day to focus on what’s really important–maintaining relationships with clients and members, developing skills, and helping to grow your business.

Software that Empowers Staff

A critical component of any sports and fitness business is the core software that manages operations. From enabling clients and members to schedule lessons and classes to running payroll and selling merchandise, your all-in-one fitness and sports management software should be extremely user-friendly and easily integrate with your business model. 

Upper Hand recognizes that a one-size-fits all approach to software is not the way to win. Our software is designed specifically for sports and fitness businesses, and by working closely with industry leaders like you, the software is able to evolve with impactful feature updates on a regular basis.

When you choose Upper Hand, you choose a partner with a team of industry experts. Your empowered staff can easily contact our team who, with a collective knowledge and background in the sports and fitness industry, help you apply best practices to level up your business.

Sports and fitness staff empowerment is critical to help your business retain capable and committed employees. Focus on training them to become independent and trusting them to make informed decisions,  allowing them to grow and develop in their roles, and be sure to implement systems that make their daily administrative tasks more streamlined.

For more information on how Upper Hand’s software can help your business stay ahead of these trends and others, schedule a demo.

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