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Top 10 Sports Coaching Business Resources from Upper Hand

Whether you’ve been coaching athletes for a while, or are just thinking about taking the plunge, there are countless resources and tools available to help you achieve your goals and grow your brand in a competitive youth sports industry.

We’ve curated a list of ten of our most popular sports academy and coaching resources to help you gain a competitive edge. From tips to choosing the right tools to support your growth to best practices for engaging with clients, you’re sure to gain some new knowledge across different business areas.

Let’s jump in!

10. Tips for Budgeting your Sports Coaching Business

There’s never a wrong time to review your budget for your sports training business. Managing your finances effectively is critical for any business to succeed. But, it’s about more that just keeping track of your revenue and expenses. Budgeting also entails strategic financial planning that results in sustainability and growth.

This blog post shares valuable insights on how to create the most effective budget for your sports training academy. From understanding your expenses, identifying ways to increase profit margins, and utilizing key metrics that keep you on track to reach your goals, this article provides a step-by-step guide to managing your budget, and highlights the importance of adapting to unexpected change.

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9. How to Create a Sports Camp Flyer that Boosts Registration

You know it’s important to maximize enrollment at your sports camps. Through your marketing efforts, you can spread the word about your upcoming programs and draw more participants. One key way to do this is through creating an eye-catching flyer that shares important details and encourages athletes to register.

But, if you don’t have an eye for design, creating a sports camp flyer could feel overwhelming.

This blog post outlines some tips and tricks – and some tools – that can help you bring your programs to market. From must-have elements to include on the flyer to free resources you can utilize, this article outlines some key considerations for creating a stellar sports camp flyer.

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8. Why you need Sports Management Software

You know better than anyone that running a sports coaching business is hard work. Writing training plans, scheduling your athletes, tracking your finances…you have a lot going on day in and day out. As you grow, managing all the administrative tasks can become a real headache.

A sports management software can benefit sports training academy owners of all sizes. This blog post provides a great, well-rounded introduction to sports management software. From the features to look for to the benefits of the tool, here’s an overview of sports software, and why you should incorporate it into your business.

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7. Tips to Give an Effective Athlete Evaluation

We’re evaluated in multiple aspects of our lives. In school, we were graded on homework and exams. In the workplace, we receive regular performance reviews. But, with sports, there aren’t any legislative standards or financial metrics to be graded on, which has created a grey area on best practices and techniques for evaluating athletes.

This blog post, referencing our free athlete evaluation template, offers some helpful tips and recommendations for evaluating your athletes and helping them accelerate in their respective sports.

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youth sports athlete evaluation template


6. 6 Signs it May be Time to Grow your Sports Academy

Growth of all kinds is exciting. For your business, it’s a great sign that you are continuing to provide value to promising young athletes, helping them to achieve their dreams.

There are a number of ways you can grow your business – you could expand your offerings, hire additional coaches and staff, or even open a sports training facility. Regardless of what your expansion goals are, this blog post outlines 6 signs you may be ready to start a conversation about taking the next step.

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5. How to Use ChatGPT for your Sports Coaching Business

AI tools like ChatGPT have taken the world by storm. People have discovered endless possibilities for utilizing the power of ChatGPT – and sports coaches and academy owners are no exception.

This blog post outlines an introduction to ChatGPT, outlining a few practical ways your sports training academy can incorporate it into your daily workflows. From generating content to marketing your business, to understanding your clients, and more, there are countless ways to harness this tool.

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4. How to Increase Youth Sports Participation (and why it matters)

As a coach, your impact extends far beyond the skills you teach your athletes in training. Children who participate in sports are proven to have increased physical and mental health than their non-active peers. Unfortunately, recent studies show that many children have lost interest in playing sports altogether.

As a coach or trainer, you can motivate young athletes and encourage them to live an active lifestyle. This blog post offers a few ideas to help you cultivate positive experiences at your business that can encourage youth sports participation.

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3. 4 Strategies to Take your Sports Coaching Business to the Next Level

You are constantly investing in your athletes. Writing workouts, researching training methods, providing feedback…sports coaching is a very selfless career.

But, how are you investing in your brand, continuing to elevate your business?

This article offers 4 strategies for investing in your business that will give your sports coaching business a competitive advantage, and consequently deliver an even more positive client experience.

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2. Is your Youth Sports Camp Registration Process Costing you Athletes?

In the business of running youth sports camps, an often overlooked detail is the registration process. You spend significant time and energy crafting a strong agenda and securing great coaches. But, an inefficient registration process can impede your business in more ways than one.

This blog post dives into the pitfalls of an antiquated sports camp registration process, and offers suggestions for modernizing this aspect of your programs. Implementing these suggestions can ultimately help you increase your profitability and enhance your business operations.

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1. How to Engage with Cancelled Clients

Every sports coach or trainer is bound to face cancellations at some point. Clients may cancel for a variety of reasons – injury or illness, conflicting commitments, or shifted priorities. But, while cancellations are a part of business, they do not have to result in disrupted business.

This blog post offers 3 strategies for re-engaging with clients who have canceled their sports lesson or training session. It provides practical tips that can help you continue to engage your clients and minimize lost revenue. Additionally, it offers advice on how to proactively deal with last minute schedule changes, ensuring that you can continue running your business as usual.

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Bonus Resource: How to Open a Sports Training Facility

There is a lot of opportunity in opening your own sports training facility. You have a passion for coaching, but when it comes to building your brand in a brick and mortar facility, where do you start?

This blog post provides guidance and insights for individuals looking to launch their own sports training facility. The article outlines a number of elements to consider, including

  • The importance of assembling a business plan.
  • How to prepare for operational costs, including equipment
  • Tools to prioritize client and athlete safety
  • The tools and technology you should invest in.

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Ready to grow?

As you continue on your journey to grow (or start!) your career as a sports coach, we hope you found these resources helpful. At Upper Hand, our goal is to provide valuable insights and advice to help you succeed.

To receive more content like this directly in your inbox, be sure to subscribe to The Playbook and stay updated on industry trends, insights, and best practices.

Apart from the blog, we also offer a variety of resources to support you in achieving your goals – including a budget template tailored for sports businesses and a guide to running successful youth sports camps.

Shoutout to you for investing your time and energy into advancing your sports coaching endeavors!

Not an Upper Hand customer? We’d love to show you how you can give your sports coaching business a competitive edge with Upper Hand! Schedule a call with a member of our team to get a personalized walkthrough of the software!

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