Why Sports Business Owners Choose Upper Hand Over Mindbody

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Did you know that as a sports business owner, you can increase conversions by doing just one simple thing? What is that one thing? It is finding a trustworthy software solution company that will assist you in streamlining your operations, enhancing your customer experiences, and helping you drive growth for your business.

There’s been a lot of debate on which software solution company is the best for sports businesses out there. We’ve talked with countless Mindbody users about their experience, and have come to find that many users are experiencing the same frustrations when it comes to running their business.

What’s causing frustration amongst Mindbody users, and how is Upper Hand comforting the businesses in distress? Let’s find out.

Where Mindbody bends, Upper Hand leads

Both Mindbody and Upper Hand are well-known companies that provide software solutions for businesses in the sports industry. What sets Upper Hand apart for sports training facilities and academies?


Industry specialization

Upper Hand is tailored specifically for sports businesses. The laser focus of Upper Hand means that its features and functionalities are more aligned with the unique needs of sports-related businesses, offering specialized tools for sports facilities, training academies, and coaching businesses. Whether you’re managing classes, lessons, appointments, and other events specific to sports activities, you can manage your business, your way. If you need solutions tailored to your sports business, Upper Hand will help you out with its sports-minded features.


Focused sports-centric features

Designed by sports coaches to make sports training easier, Upper Hand understands the specific and complex needs of sports business owners. Upper Hand offers features designed to streamline your business operations and engagement for your sports businesses. This includes features such as scheduling and registration, memberships, retail, athlete management, extensive reporting, and more!


Ease of use

Upper Hand provides a more intuitive and simplified user interface that caters to the specific workflows of sports business owners. This allows you to manage your operations more effectively. Even if your audience is not tech-savvy, they won’t struggle to navigate the intuitive interface of Upper Hand. With Mindbody, however, we’ve heard countless complaints about Mindbody’s clunky interface and multi-step processes.



Money isn’t the only thing that matters when it comes to choosing a sports management platform. But, we know it matters a little bit. At the end of the day, Mindbody is expensive, presenting complex pricing tiers based on your business style or required functionality. By the time you add-on everything you need to run your business, your price can increase even more. Upper Hand on the other hand has one price that unlocks all features and functionality. This makes it easy for you to run your business, your way, without complicated workarounds to save a few dollars.


Why are sports businesses shifting from Mindbody to Upper Hand?

Prioritized client experience

The administrative side of sports management software is only half of the picture. it’s also important that you consider the needs and experience of the athletes and parents you serve! From an easy-to-use client facing mobile app to managed family profiles, Upper Hand improves the client experience, leading to stronger client outcomes.


Increased revenue

Imagine experiencing a remarkable 107% increase in your revenue in just one year. That was the case for Upper Hand customer Tennell Elite Training, who achieved 234% revenue growth once implementing Upper Hand. Owner Adron Tennell credits Upper Hand with playing a role in this success. From the mobile app to family accounts, session reminders, and more, Adron was able to scale up his business, grow his programming, and collect his hard-earned revenue.


Saves You Time

Time is your most precious resource. Let Upper Hand protect and make the most of that resource for you. By choosing Upper Hand, customers gain back an average of 8-10 hours every week. What would that time mean to you? Making more memories with your family? Adding new programs? Developing more intentional training plans? Upper Hand gives you the opportunity to use your limited time for more meaningful endeavors than managing admin tasks – like training athletes or developing more intentional programming.

Frequently Asked Questions about Upper Hand

Does Upper Hand make use of AI?

Upper Hand is aimed at providing you with the best and updated services for which it is making full use of data science principles to stay ahead of the times. Upper Hand AI will help you make smarter decisions for your sports business, which companies like Mindbody are not capable of as of yet. Detect correlations, clusters, outliers, and relationships with Upper Hand AI and stay ahead of your competitors.


How does Upper Hand support me and my business?

Mindbody users frequently complain about poor support or overly complex onboarding. Upper Hand users appreciate our targeted customer support and resources that are specifically geared toward sports businesses, helping them get the most out of the platform. At the time of onboarding, you gain access to an online course-based learning platform as well as a Customer Education Manager to help you walk through specific use-cases in anticipation of your go-live date. As you continue in your business journey, Upper Hand’s support team remains committed to serving both you and your clients, whether it be learning how to utilize new functionality or problem solve a specific issue.


Upper Hand: a true partner in growth

Are you looking for a reliable sports software company that can give your business a competitive edge? Look no further than Upper Hand. Schedule a demo today to see firsthand how we can serve as a partner in growth for your business.

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Gain a competitive edge with Upper Hand!

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