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Why We Built This: Introducing Athlete Progression Tracking

You build your athletes’ workouts with intention. You spend countless hours reading, studying, and developing the best training to help your athletes reach their goals.

Whether their goals are to get stronger, faster, or to refine a sport-specific skill, you’re designing workouts that help them to achieve their goals.

You know that the athletes you work with are improving. But, how are you showing them, not just telling them, that you’re seeing those results?

That’s where Athlete Progression Tracking comes in.

We set out to make it easier for you to create and track your athletes’ workouts in a way that shows improvement.

Athlete Progression Tracking will allow you to measure their output in workouts in order to effectively prescribe appropriate exercises within a session-based program that help athletes achieve their goals.


Why We Built Athlete Progression Tracking

There are many benefits of tracking your athletes’ progress. That’s what inspired us to build this feature. Here are a few key reasons:


Digitize and organize your workouts.

As a coach, you spend a lot of time creatively thinking about your programming and developing workouts that are tailored to each athlete’s individual needs. However, without a system to package and organize these workouts, it can be difficult to easily reference them over time. This may cause you to start from scratch often when building training programs. This leads to inconsistency in training, and makes it harder to track progress and make adjustments.

With Athlete Progression Tracking, coaches and trainers can digitize and store their workouts. This allows for easy access to previous sessions. And, it makes it simple to reference and build off of previous lessons or training sessions. Additionally, it makes it easier to get organized ahead of training sessions, so that you and your athletes are ready to rock when an athlete shows up for their session.

By using Athlete Progression Tracking to stay organized, you’re able to spend less time searching for past workouts or metrics, and spend more time helping athletes achieve their goals. The result? More efficient and effective coaching experience for both you as a coach, and for the athletes you work with.


Keep athletes accountable

You know as well as anyone how important accountability is in growth. Whether it comes from peers, coaches, parents, or another mentor, having someone to share goals with helps to motivate you to achieve said goals. Athlete Progression Tracking helps to keep your athletes accountable in training.

First and foremost, Athlete Progression Tracking helps athletes see their progress, which motivates them to keep pushing. By seeing their hard work paying off, they’re more likely to continue training.

Similarly, it helps them stay on track of their progress through a program. Should an athlete miss a workout or begin to fall behind, you can empower them to make adjustments that help them get back on track.

By setting specific goals and tracking progress towards those goals, athletes are more likely to stay motivated and accountable. Athlete Progression Tracking makes it easy for you and your athletes to do this. With features like an athlete profile and exportable athlete report card, you can share progress with your athletes throughout training.


Build coaching credibility

In addition to the athlete-centric benefits, Athlete Progression Tracking also benefits you as a coach or trainer. This is because of the data that this technology provides you and your business. Coaches can use the data generated by athletes as they progress through a program to make evidence-based coaching decisions. This helps to show clients that they are committed to helping them achieve their specific goals.

Additionally, by using objective metrics to measure progress, coaches can also demonstrate the effectiveness of their program. Athlete Progression Tracking software is also impactful in showing current and prospective athletes results. This can then be utilized in marketing efforts; for example, “athletes improve their acceleration by an average of 10% in the first 6 weeks.”

Another way that Athlete Progression Tracking helps build coaching credibility is through the digital organization it provides when personalizing training programs. Athlete Progression Tracking helps coaches build out their training programs for use by many athletes, while also being able to tailor workouts to each athlete’s individual needs. This also helps to boost credibility expertise in their field.

By using Athlete Progression Tracking software, coaches can build credibility through expertise, professionalism, and data that shows results.


How can you use Athlete Progression Tracking?

The benefits of using Athlete Progression Tracking are endless. But, the tool is only as valuable if you utilize it. Here are a few ways you can implement athlete progression tracking into your business model.


Provide remote training opportunities

One way that coaches and trainers can utilize Athlete Progression Tracking at their sports facility or academy is to provide remote training opportunities to their athletes. With the ability to digitally build and track athlete workouts, coaches can create training programs that can follow athletes outside of their typical training time. This allows athletes to consistently maintain their training progress, completing additional workouts on their own schedule and tracking their marks.

Or, this feature can allow you to open your doors to athletes in other geographic regions or additional neighborhoods. This allows you to expand your reach to provide training to more young athletes.


Offer as a membership benefit

While Upper Hand’s Athlete Progression Tracking is available to every athlete that has an Upper Hand account, you may also choose to offer this feature as a perk for those athletes who commit to a membership. This helps coaches to incentivize athletes to commit to their training programs and invest in their development. This can lead to increased athlete retention and brand loyalty.

Additionally, offering Athlete Progression Tracking as a membership perk also helps you to prioritize where you invest your time. This does not suggest that you only invest in coaching those who are in memberships. But, these athletes are likely committed to your brand, and are loyal brand advocates, so it’s important that you deliver exceptional membership experiences. This can lead to more efficient and effective training, as coaches are able to create personalized training programs with greater accuracy.


Create consistency between coaches

If you have multiple staff that work with the same athletes, Athlete Progression Tracking can also help to maintain consistency in training. Your athletes may bounce between various staff members for a variety of reasons, for example scheduling conflicts or specific skills training needs. But, without collaboration and a plan, this can lead to a lack of continuity, which can affect results.

With Athlete Progression Tracking, coaches can share and access athlete workout data and progress reports, leave internal notes, and create a more seamless transition between staff members. This also means that athletes can continue to build on their past sessions, rather than starting from scratch each time they come in for training.


Digitize popular progressions for key goals

One more way you could utilize Athlete Progression Tracking is to digitize popular athlete progressions for key goals. While your athletes are likely working towards an individual goal, they likely will fall into a few broad categories; for example, improving in a specific skill (like hitting, pitching, etc.), getting stronger, or increasing speed.

By developing a few “training plans” for different athlete goals, coaches can enroll athletes in these programs depending on their goals. This not only saves time for coaches, but it also helps ensure athletes are following a proven training program that has been successful in the past.

Having these at hand will help you quickly be able to help your athletes make progress towards a goal.


Ready to incorporate Athlete Progression Tracking into your business?

Athlete Progression Tracking is available exclusively to Upper Hand customers! If your business currently runs on Upper Hand, click here to learn more about how you can add Athlete Progression Tracking to your pan.


Not an Upper Hand customer? We’d love to show you how you can gain a competitive edge with Upper Hand! Schedule a call with a member of our team to get a personalized walkthrough of the software!

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